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The Treasonous New York Times: Desirous Of Communism

Upon my grand awakening to what liberalism was and what the Democrats as liberals want, it was very easy to never again give them any respect or a hearing on their communistic goals. It is the media, which is over 90% liberal, that continues the push for these goals for America all the while attempting to sell the Communism of other countries as some wonderful attribute for America to aspire to. The New York Times does their best at glossing over the horror of the Soviet Union while telling us how great it is getting housing and an education from the government. I know they are well aware of the “education” those poor people receive and they certainly know the truth of the living conditions doled out by the government.  The majority of the Russian people live in cramped miserable housing units. Hey New York Times, Communism Has Killed Hundreds Of Millions Of People, Please Educate Yourselves.

Herszenhorn referenced some of those young, who apparently missed the “stronger education system, free housing” (without mentioning the education was state propaganda and that the housing came at the end of a decades-long waiting list) of the Soviet Union.

Leonid N. Dobrokhotov, an adviser to Mr. Zyuganov, said the Communists were positioned to gain support even before the elections incited public anger, because of United Russia’s steadily declining popularity.

Mr. Dobrokhotov said that many aspects of the past — a stronger education system, free housing — now seemed appealing to young Russians. “Maybe there were some problems in the Soviet Union, but it was a superpower and the people had a real foundation to be proud,” he said.

Herszenhorn spent months cheering on Obama-care as the issue’s beat reporter for the Times.

Sure, there was plenty to be proud of, the disappearance or outright murder of any one speaking against the government, hell, Vladimir Putin still does that to this day anywhere in the world a dissident speaks out. There was the starvation of 100s of millions under Stalin who loved communism, or was he a Marxist? or a socialist?  It doesn’t matter, because those ideologies, along with liberalism and the new and “improved” name “progressive,” would have us all dying just for the basic necessities of life.

Under the guise of “fairness,” Americans are remaining blind and ignorant on this insane march to socialism. And right now, the recent battle over a “payroll” tax cut shows how easily Americans are led by the ring in their noses.  What is the next issue Americans are going to be hoodwinked about?  Can the people open their eyes before it is too late?  Or do we remain as sheep – following along – never seeing the blow coming up on our blindside?

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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