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In Which the Daily Beast Channels Newsweak and Beclowns Itself

The legacy of the $1 Publisher lives on.

The Daily Beast posted this the other day (yes, no linky poo, they don’t deserve it.)

Now, first, let’s notice that they put in quotation marks that Perry called the pudgy little pencil topper “Kim John the Second.” In quotation marks.

Now let’s see what the actual press release said:

It’s pretty clear to me that Perry called him “Kim Jong Il” in the body of the release, though it does appear that he called him Kim Jong II in the subject line. (Yes, fonts can mess up a post – or a press release. One of those is two capital i’s, the other is a capital i and a lower case L. Terrible error. Terrible.) But nowhere does he refer to him as Kim John the Second.

The Daily Beast was simply and pathetically lying. They understand quotation marks. They know that enclosed within them is to be an exact quote. They just don’t care. It may play well with their liberal readers, who will just sing the same old “Stupid Texan” song, but that will make it that much more amusing when he wins the Presidency. There is nothing the liberals do so well as misunderestimating our side. The failure of their own press to tell them the truth keeps them perpetually in a state of bewildered animosity.

I happen to believe that’s what pushed Al Gore over the edge. He was so contemptuous of Bush, it tilted his world on edge when he was defeated by him. It messed up the harmonic convergence of his universe permanently. Just wait until you see what happens to Barky, the fourth best President ever (seriously – he said so himself) when he is defeated by that stupid Texan.

The Texan who happens to be a successful governor creating jobs the way Barky creates vacation expenses.

Yes, you’re reading that right. That stupid doofus who allowed one of his minions to put II in the subject line of a press release when he should have typed Il has been kicking our @$$es in job creation for over a decade. This is not new. This didn’t just start happening when Barky got the Presidency. Perry doesn’t run Texas single handedly, you’ve got to give some credit to the legislature down there, but you can’t say he’s screwed up their economy the way our national doofuses (doofi?) have wrecked the rest of us.

The media is going to be more nervous than a bunch of long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs when Perry sews up the nomination on Super Tuesday (do not mess with me here – I’m maintaining my id – or something like that) and he has eight months to explain this to the American people.

h/t Ace of Spades for the lovely Perry Statistics
and a h/t to Hooah Mac for the Daily Beast idiocy

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