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It’s Time To Shut The Government Down

While all the talking heads are abuzz and ablaze over Newt’s latest outrage or Boehner’s latest stab at manhood, there is something far more important and pressing that needs to be addressed, on as many fronts and from as many quarters as possible.  That is the scandal just coming to light involving the Department of Justice forming a partnership with ACORN and Project Vote to rig the elections next November.

This outrage is explained by Big Government here.  We in these precincts have long known that, given Obama’s dismal record and outlandish disdain for basic American precepts and ideals that came shining through in his first term, there was little chance of his being re-elected, unless some shenanigans were pulled.  Well, the pulling began from the moment he took office and continued with the revolving doors in and out of government and special interest groups and political activist organizations.  We were led to believe that, thanks to the exposes done by non-traditional media and investigative reporters and operatives, ACORN was blacklisted, defunded and neutered by the Congress.  Oh, ye of little faith and even littler imagination.  The leftists never sleep.

The only serious efforts currently being undertaken to put a halt to Obama and Company’s naked power grab are Congressional investigations into the Fast and Furious affair authorized by Eric Holder’s DOJ.  We hear nothing but crickets from Congress on the subject of the rank politicization of DOJ by Holder and his political appointees, although Pajamas Media did a thorough and lengthy series on the subject this fall.  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if you have followed with any diligence at all the chronicling of Holder’s Voting Rights antics by people intimately familiar with the subject, like J. Christian Adams, Hans Von Spakovsky, Quin Hillyer, Peter Kirsanow and a handful of others, you know that this is not an idle pastime with the Holder crowd.  They are playing for keeps.  They are playing the race card and every other card they have up their sleeve to generate, or manufacture, votes for Barack Obama in 2012.  They aim to win by hook and by crook.

What they are doing is unethical, illegal, immoral and intolerable.  And it is going to make all the efforts of our hard-working conservative grassroots and political action groups, and individual campaign organizations, go for naught if they are not stopped. The factors keeping them from being stopped are that a. Obama controls the Executive Branch, b. Holder controls the Department of Justice and c. the Democrats control the Senate.  There is little House members can do but continue their current investigations and hope for a miracle – mass resignations, along with Holder’s – prior to November of next year.  This is not going to happen just because of a few headlines and by appealing to decency.  If the murder of border patrol agents, Mexican nationals and so on, and embarrassing international incidents and intrigues haven’t done the trick, nothing will.

There is only one hole card our side has left to play and that is to shut the government down.  And to keep it shut down until the resignations of Eric Holder and his entire senior-level staff are laid upon the Oval Office desk and accepted by the President.  At that time, a new interim Attorney General, and one acceptable to the conservative wing of the Republican Party can be installed and the government can again be funded to continue operations.

This is not a wild-eyed, hare-brained scheme.  We have heard the bombast and braggadocio before about shutting the government down over a few hundred billion, or even a few billion, of our tax dollars.  If our leaders were willing to threaten it over that, and risk losing the (questionable, for our side) vote of the perpetual victim class who might be inconvenienced by a shutdown, then they should be willing to risk it over the small matter of the takeover of the country by the puppetmasters pulling the strings of Obama and Holder, because that is what is at stake here.  If you have wondered why Holder has been so haughty, accusatory, finger pointing and seemingly doubled down on his stonewalling and persistent efforts to accommodate far-left activist groups and racialist special interests, it’s because he has nothing to fear.  He knows he can’t be impeached and he knows Obama is not going to fire him because they both have the same agenda, and it is not an American agenda.

The only possible way to knock the platform out from under Obama is to neuter him and his agencies, including DOJ – by cutting the purse strings, by holding in abeyance absolutely any funding except for emergencies authorized by the Congressional overseers.  Now, this can be done openly, in full view of the public, and let the chips fall where they may as to who gets the blame for the peeps not getting their checks.  Or it can be done behind the scenes with the public face being the argument over the payroll tax, or tax cuts for the rich, or some other mundane issue.

But it needs to be done and it needs to be done soon.  And it needs to be done in consultation with the nation’s majority-Republican governors as to what the stakes are.  As we and others have said many times, these people do not play fair, they play to win and they play for keeps.  And that’s just the Democrats.  The radical leftists, who see this time as their last best hope to “transform America,” are now desperate.  They are acting desperately and they are pushing the envelope.  That envelope will burst entirely sometime in 2012 unless the Obama Administration is made lame duck sooner rather than later, and starting with the clearing out of the infested Justice Department.  The Obama Administration has become a Hydra, a many-headed monster.  It is time to start cutting its heads off, beginning with the most dangerous – DOJ.   Shut the government down now, Mr. Speaker.  You want a legacy?  It’s yours for the taking.  If you don’t commit soon, dark days are ahead.  Shut it down.

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    • No, I won’t bank on it. Just have to keep the notion out there that it’s never too late, or too early, to do the right thing. Oh, and by the way, Tim Geithner is not the only person in the Universe who can run Treasury, either.
      Me and a whole lot of other folks are done with being told who is suitable and who is not, for a whole lotta positions.

    • No, I won’t bank on it. Just have to keep the notion out there that it’s never too late, or too early, to do the right thing. Oh, and by the way, Tim Geithner is not the only person in the Universe who can run Treasury, either.
      Me and a whole lot of other folks are done with being told who is suitable and who is not, for a whole lotta positions.

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