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To Halve Or Halve Not: #OWSFail

At first glance it appeared that Obama and his Faculty Lounge Administration had created, along with George Soros, a “winning” scam on the American people. They created Occupy Wall Street to attack the 1% who are the richest in America and said they were speaking for the other 99%. What they have wrought instead is a filthy mess, as is always the end result of liberalism/progressivism.

Why didn’t this work for the Democrats? Because a majority of Americans do not sit around being envious of those who are doing better then themselves. Americans do dream of riches and they do play the lottery, but mostly they work hard hoping to one day be a part of the wealthiest 1%. What they don’t do is attack or berate those who are. The #OWS crowd were almost entirely made up of college students whose parents were doing quite well, they were never poor and yet they thought they could manipulate the poor, they were wrong and here is why: The 99% Are In Reality Only 34%

On paper, the rhetoric of the Occupy Wall Street crowd should have led to revolution. 1% of the country controls more than 1% of the wealth. For shame. But the classic battle between the Haves and the Have Nots never materialized, and the Gallup Poll people found a reason for this: The overwhelming majority of Americans — 58% — say they are members of the Haves.

Only 34% believe they are members of the Have Nots.

This is why the Haves fear not from the Half Off crowd.

The Have Nots are not even Half the people.

They truly Halve Not.

That 34% figure is down from 35% in 2006, when the economy was booming.

To be sure, that is all within the margin of error. Pretty basically the numbers stay the same.

In every demographic group — race, education, sex, political leaning — the Haves outnumber the Have Nots.

Even among the unemployed, 52% say they are among the Haves. Only 41% say they Have Not.

By income, there is a disparity, as one would expect. Among those making more than $75,000 a year, 76% are Haves while 16% are Have Nots.

Among those making $30,000 to $74,999, Gallup found that 56% are Haves, 37% Have Nots.

I’ve always said, and continue to believe that a majority of Americans are not like Barack Obama, who encourages envy and fear to achieve the power he craves. The majority of Americans get up, go to work, pay their bills and want a federal government who is out of their lives, they do not want the federal government controlling their lives, and picking winners and losers. The American people do not want billionaires and millionaires getting preferential treatment from Washington DC, those would be the rich they despise, because they didn’t get rich on their own, they STOLE it from the hardworking American. Right now, those are the real culprits, those in bed with Washington DC. Obama’s message was never about the regular Americans, it was always to bolster the Democrats taking control of Big Business. Strange how rich government got since Obama took office. Pay attention to who is benefiting; it isn’t the American people.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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