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#OWS DC Is A Capital Waste; Just Say No To 1.6M!

It appears that the powers that be in Washington DC local government are asking for 1.6M dollars to help corral the #OWS crowd. I cannot even begin to imagine that the Republicans in the House of Representatives would give them that money, the local government and the local police departments have allowed, even encouraged these malcontents to be where they are. Why should my tax payer dollars go towards paying for Washington DC’s own event, yes its an event, one they asked for and now one they have. This group of filthy, disgusting human beings (I am not sure they are even human beings) were allowed an unprecedented open ended protest in parks that DC residents can no longer use because of the filth.

The Democrats who have egged on these wretched, miserable bums should dig down deep into their richly lined pockets to pay for the destruction wrought by #OWS. I Will Blow My Top If The Republicans Give DC This Money

“It was a novelty initially, then it became a nuisance and now it’s a concern,” said Jim Dinegar, president and chief executive of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, who has accused the Occupiers of turning McPherson Square into a “toxic waste dump.” “We’ve become the Occupy of last resort. We’ve seen it grow until it’s packed to the gills. You couldn’t get another tent in there.”

Now, with the shift in the city’s attitude, winter approaching, the possibility of congressional hearings and out-of-town protesters continuing to arrive, the Occupy D.C. movement is at a crossroads. Spokesmen for both the McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza Occupy camps have vowed to stay on, but there’s a real question of whether the city and federal governments have had enough.

“I do think more and more people recognize this is where money and power come together,” said Kevin Zeese, an organizer of the Freedom Plaza protest. “People will get that more and more, Washington is the center of action.”

But even as his encampment has grown — to the point that Zeese wonders how they are going to feed the approximately 140 people getting meals each day — organizers are debating whether to move part of their group inside for the winter.

And as the protesters try to figure out their next step, government officials and their lawyers are determining how much leeway they have because decades of legal precedent have codified certain freedoms for protesters in the nation’s capital.

Last week, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which oversees the District, launched an investigation into why the Park Service is allowing the Occupiers to stay in McPherson Square, where they have lived without a permit since Oct. 1. Issa said the Occupiers have torn up $400,000 in new sod and other improvements made to the park in 2010 — and paid for with federal stimulus money.

The Republican Congress should have been having hearings on this group since the very beginning. Where did their money come from, how did they not have to pay for permits and toilets and how did they get a tax exemption quicker then any other American citizen could have?. The path will lead back to the Democrats, including Barack Obama and George Soros and when they find that out, they should release that with a night-time press availability for maximum coverage. What has occurred in the past three months has been a travesty of justice and UNFAIR government practices from the East Coast to the West Coast!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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