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……and an illegal immigrant…… trespassing…… with an assault rifle.


Time to almost get ‘edgy’ again.


Question: Who the he** puts a school adjacent to hunting land and/or who the he** puts hunting land adjacent to a school ?

Answer: Nudge.


You better believe ‘The Nudge Brigade’ was around a long time before 20 January 2009.


Hidlago County Texas……

Hunters in custody after bullets hit 2 students at Edinburg school.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño:

“This is a major crime,” Treviño told reporters outside the school.

Really Sheriff Treviño ?

The school occupies a roughly 40-acre plot bordered by hundreds of acres of ranchland leased to deer hunters, who regularly use high-powered rifles to shoot their prey.   A wooded area begins about 400 yards from the school’s western fence line the spot where investigators believe the shots were fired, Treviño said.

Um…… Okay……

“I had no idea what was going on,” said Toni, an Edinburg teacher who asked to remain anonymous in fear of district retaliation.

Why would the dist……

“No one – not the police, not the school, not the district – no one – told parents what had happened,” she said.   “All I had were the different rumors other parents told me.

Wait…… Is there a probl…………

Unlike the University of Texas-Pan American or some local school districts, Edinburg schools do not have an emergency notification system that sends mass texts or emails to students or parents.   Though Toni felt that would have allayed much of her and other parents’ worry, Edinburg schools Superintendent Rene Gutierrez said the district had done all it could.

Gutierrez said students would be expected to attend school as usual Tuesday, but would find more social workers and counselors to help “remedy the situation…… and return to a normal school setting as soon as possible.”

No, that’s just part of the problem – typical liberal pap and indoctr………… Ahhhhhh, here we go………… Maybe somebody can answer the one question needing to be asked…………

But like Toni, Harwell father Miguel Garcia was incredulous that anyone could get a hunting lease from private property owners near a school campus.   “I’m thinking about pulling my kids out” of school, he said after rushing to pick up his son from Avila Elementary.

“Think about how many times you have kids running around campus. What’s to say this can’t happen again?” Garcia asked from his car.   “What do we need to do to make people have common sense and not hunt near a school?   Do we need someone to die?”

There’s that “common sense” thing I was looking to find……. and after several hours yesterday of making every attempt to find out – including my making several calls to media outlets which reported on the incident AND the school district – NONE of whom bothered to ask – I have ZERO IDEA which came first:   Was the land used for hunting before the school was built ?

That matters.


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Update: 0600 local, 13 December.

Sheriff Treviño seems to have gotten a smidge of ‘hope for change’ in the matter:

“It’s undetermined if it was intentional, someone was reckless, or a plain old accident,” Trevino said. “We just don’t know yet. We’re going to continue to see what the three people have got to say for themselves, see if we can piece that together.”

Y’all know where Edinburg Texas happens to be on a map ?

The town is in the southeastern corner of the state, about ten miles north of McAllen, which is about ten miles north of the Mexican border.






Updated 1:25pm Eastern:

EDINBURG, Texas (AP) – Investigators in Texas say two of three men questioned in connection with the shooting of two students at a middle school were doing target practice on an adjacent ranch Monday while the third was an illegal immigrant who was trespassing on the property and hunting with an assault rifle.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino said Tuesday that the two men doing target practice may have been in the right line of fire to hit the students, but it would have been from a distance of about 800 yards. The men were released but remain under investigation.

Investigators are still trying to determine where the trespassing hunter was and whether he would have been in line with the victims. He remains in custody.




Update 4:30pm Eastern


(AP) – School officials in South Texas confined students to campus buildings and pondered erecting a cinder-block wall to block bullets from hunters on adjacent ranchland one day after two middle school boys were shot while trying out for the basketball team on an outdoor court.

It seemed the most immediate solution for a problem specific to rural schools.   With no law in Texas prohibiting hunting on private land next to schools and high-powered rifles firing ammunition that could go more than a mile, school officials said a barrier seemed a good idea.

“We were not aware that there was hunting on the west side of the school or that there were (hunting) leases on the west side until last night,” school district Superintendent Rene Gutierrez said.

Mr. Gutuerrez, boole sheet…… Sir.

As for the ‘no law’ bit…… N U D G E


It’s coming……. tool up.


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