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What Americans Have Always Wanted From Their Government

There is nothing complicated about the American populace, we are quite simple people actually and if you stop and take a look back at the last forty years of elections you will see that. I was reading The Examiner and their take on John Sununu and his outrageously angry portrayal of Newt Gingrich and his not wanting to work with Bush I on his tax increase on the American people to spend even more money and realized We The People have been quite consistent.

If you start just with Jimmy Carter you realize that Americans have always said STOP THE SPENDING but those in Washington seem to think they know better. Americans do not like feeling like everything is spinning out of control, they don’t want to know the federal government is in their lives at all and during the reign of Carter, they were miserable. What did they then do? they elected Ronald Reagan who promised to make the government spending decrease while allowing Americans to keep more of what they earned, he did just that and they rewarded him with a second term. Americans as well rewarded his Vice President George Bush I with a term because he promised the same, he lied and he used Democrats and liberal Republicans to help him to fulfill his lie If Sununu Believes Attacking Gingrich For Saying Hell No To A Tax Increase Is A Winning Argument I Have A Bridge To Sell Him

The toughest of the tough, tough domestic issues that Bush I dealt with was taxes. During his victorious 1988 campaign, Bush made the famous “read my lips” vow not to raise taxes. But midway through his term, Bush was under intense pressure from Democrats, and from some Republicans, to break that promise and agree to higher taxes as part of a deficit reduction plan.

Nobody used the phrase back then, but if they had, conservatives would have charged Bush (and Sununu) with throwing conservatives under the bus. Although he stayed publicly on board with the White House, Gingrich, then Republican Whip in the House (where Republicans were still the minority party), pushed back hard behind the scenes. When Bush released a statement saying that he had agreed to Democratic demands to drop the “read my lips” promise, the Washington Post reported:

House Minority Whip Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) was preparing to hold a whip meeting on Capitol Hill when the statement was posted on the bulletin board of the White House press room. One person who walked into the room for the Capitol Hill meeting said Gingrich was “bouncing off the wall” and “ranting about the supreme stupidity” of the statement.

Suffice it to say Bush I lost his next election and in walks Bill Clinton, what did the American people do after his spending like a liberal? they ushered in a Republican House of Representatives to STOP THE SPENDING and We The People got a “balanced budget”. You will ask why then was Clinton rewarded with a second term? because the Country was firing on all cylinders and people were “comfortable”, they didn’t see the federal government as intruding in their lives and they were making money and enjoying their lives, even if their President was a scoundrel.

The Bush II and Gore election actually would have went to Gore because of the complacency of the populace if not for Gore expounding on large government programs and his nasty demeanor, as if he didn’t have the time of day for the debates, he looked like a man who thought he deserved that office and well, Americans do not like selfishness either. George Bush II, even after 9-11 saw an expansion of prosperity and he was rewarded again in 2004 with another four years, its at that point he and the Republicans decided to make the worst mistake they could have, they spent like liberals on a drunken debauched parade and Americans rewarded Democrats, including Pelosi who promised to cut the deficit in half with the Congress to STOP THE SPENDING, of course that was a huge liberal lie and a major mistake for the Country as a whole.

We all know that Barack Obama and his media wing of the Democrat Party, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times etc., sold Americans on cutting the deficit in half by his second year, they sold him as a FISCAL CONSERVATIVE and Americans took the bait. What then did the America populace do once again? they put in a Republican Congress to STOP THE SPENDING. Here we are coming up on 2012 elections and the person who will win, will be the FISCAL CONSERVATIVE period. For all the whining and hand wringing over social issues, the American people as a whole 82% (never the 18% liberal/progressive/socialist/Marxist, few) just want the federal government to STOP THE SPENDING! It will be anybody but Obama because America has seen his spending and they reject it, as they have for decades!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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