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Holy Land/Hamas Indictments Upheld: C.A.I.R. Still UN-Indicted!

For those who want to forget including quite a few Republicans C.A.I.R. is still a criminal organization that worked to undermine the United States of America. It disgusts me when I see a spokesperson for C.A.I.R. (Council on Islamic Relations) being used on local or national news as if they themselves are a worthy organization, what they are is a criminal enterprise who will stop their lawsuit the moment you get to inquiry. They have much to hide but that our federal government now and including under President Bush uses them as a spokesperson for Muslims is an affront to all freedom loving citizens Perhaps The Next President To Indict C.A.I.R

On Wednesday, as Terry Baynes at Reuters reported, “A federal appeals court on Wednesday upheld the convictions of five leaders of an Islamic charity on charges of funneling money and supplies to Hamas, designated a “terrorist” group following a 1995 executive order by President Bill Clinton. …” The organization involved was the Holy Land Foundation based in Texas. The five involved received sentences of 15 to 65 years.

Reuters appears to have been virtually unique in covering the story at a national level, and from all appearances very few establishment press outlets picked it up. What follows are various search results in attempts to find coverage of the story:

Also speaking on this terrible group of infiltrators and American haters is Andrew McCarthy over at National Review Online who has never relented in the face of criticism from all sides on his truth on C.A.I.R. Keep Going After Them Andrew America’s Future Depends On It

The three-judge panel’s unanimous 170-page opinion recounts that Hamas was created by Brotherhood operatives in 1987 as the Brotherhood’s “Palestinian branch.” Thereafter, “the Muslim Brotherhood directed its world-wide chapters to establish so-called ‘Palestinian Committees’ to support Hamas from abroad.” In the U.S., the “Palestine Committee” was led by Mousa Abu Marzook (who, for a time in the early Nineties, actually ran Hamas from his home in Virginia). The Palestine Committee created not only the Holy Land Foundation but a number of other Islamist entities in the U.S. The leaders of one of those entities, the Islamic Association for Palestine, subsequently created CAIR — the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which was cited as an unindicted co-conspirator in the case.

As the Fifth Circuit further explains, after the Oslo Accords were signed, Brotherhood operatives in the Hamas support network met in Philadelphia to try to figure out how they could “derail the peace process.” The meeting featured “an aura of deception and an intent to hide a connection to Hamas” — manifested by a decision to refer to Hamas only as “Sister Samah” (Hamas spelled backwards). Subsequently, documents recovered by the FBI at the home of a Brotherhood operative established the Brotherhood’s overarching role in the Hamas support scheme, including bylaws showing that the “Brotherhood had directed the collection of ‘donations for the Islamic Resistance Movement [i.e., Hamas].’”

The further we get away from 9-11 the more relaxed Americans become, however as was proven yesterday, the threat from MUSLIM RADICALS is real and they see the war as long. They will be attempting to destroy us long after all of those reading this dispatch have died! Sudden Jihad Syndrome In Hollywood Yesterday

A 26 year-old gunman opened fire on random drivers yesterday in Hollywood until he was shot dead by police.
He was screaming “Allahu Akbar” while he shot Hollywood drivers.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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