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Obama’s Ongoing Spectacular Failure Is Not Necessarily All Bad News

Mind you, the headline is predicated on the assumption that the country survives his Presidency, and the odds of that are absolutely not established at 1:1. There is still a greater than zero chance that the die is cast and we are going to be facing the riots, instability, and even wars that Greece, Italy, and the rest of Europe are facing now.

But if we survive, how can it be good news? He has driven our debt load into the stratosphere; undermined our rule of law and free and fair elections; appeased our enemies; alienated our friends… I’d better stop now. I may not be able to continue with my point due to the overwhelming dismay that has suddenly begun nibbling away at my optimism.

Back to the point…

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, [and Obama supporter – Queen] is railing against bashing the rich. Dimon was responding to a question at an investor conference about the hostile political environment towards banks.

“Acting like everyone who’s been successful is bad and that everyone who is rich is bad — I just don’t get it,” said Dimon at the conference, which was organized by Goldman Sachs.

Big banks, and CEOs like Dimon, have come under fire from Occupy Wall Street and other protesters who are disgruntled about income inequality and feel that big corporations — financial institutions in particular — have undue influence on government. In fact, last month, the protesters in New York targeted Dimon specifically, marching to his apartment and the residences of other wealthy New Yorkers.

Dimon said he’s worked on Wall Street for much of his life and contributed his fair share.

“Most of us wage earners are paying 39.6 percent in taxes and add in another 12 percent in New York state and city taxes and we’re paying 50 percent of our income in taxes,” Dimon said in defense of his fellow Wall Street bankers.

Great job there, Jamie. It would be easier for me to feel sorry for you if you weren’t one of the foolish 52% who foisted this miserable failure on the rest of us. Any of the rest of you think maybe Jamie wishes he hadn’t spent quite so much money and effort getting this class warrior into office?

Ace of Spades has an interesting theory (and this is where I think we can score a double play):

People are hesitant to admit their errors. You know how it is. You’re going to replace your old, cheap vacuum so you spring for one of those high dollar Dysons but find out when you start to use it that it doesn’t even work as well as your old one (disclaimer here: I’ve never used or purchased a Dyson. I just know they cost a pretty penny.) Don’t you hate to admit that you wasted your money? I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We’ve all done it. Don’t you hate to acknowledge your failure? Isn’t it easier to blame it on something else? If you’d only had better information. If you’d only been allowed to try it out, you’d have never fallen for that stupid sales pitch.

Now imagine you’re a liberal. This means that you are pre-programmed to believe in your own intellectual superiority. You just know that you are smarter than those knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing conservatives. Your vote for Barack Obama just further reinforces your self-confidence and superiority complex. He was so clearly the better man. A real game changer. Hope even. The one we were waiting for. But it turns out he’s a SCOAMF. [Just a single example, but truly, there are millions. A search for Obama Administration fail yields about 53 million hits.]

How can you, as a liberal, [I’m sorry, it’s not libel, just pretend with me…] reconcile these two facts:
1. You supported Barack Obama because he’s going to be the best President evah.
2. He’s a failure.

It must be a failure of someone to give you the information you needed. Someone out there failed. It wasn’t you. You didn’t vote stupidly. You didn’t ignore dozens of warning signs. No. The media did it. They didn’t tell you what you needed to know. You were tricked. You were deceived, not stupid.

Voila. The Demedia, which truly did obfuscate, lie, deny, and camouflage for the benefit of their little man-god, must be responsible for your stupid vote. With this one little decision, the Demedia has now gained the same reputation amongst the liberals as it has amongst conservatives: It is value-free. It not only fails to provide the information you need, but you will actually be less informed, more deceived, dumber even, if you read/watch them versus if you ignore them. You may not know anything, but at least you know you don’t know anything. If you rely on the Demedia, you think you know something while all you know is their Pravda like deception. You’re dumber than you were before.

This is what we’ve been waiting for. When the media is fully discredited; when all Americans know that they are not trustworthy; when all Americans know that their only use is as fish wrap, we have an opportunity to reach the uninformed.

It is the natural nature of man to be curious. They will seek out information. Now we will have a chance to reach them with accurate information. And if that ever happens, you can expect the lifetime appointments of Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Harry Reid, Jim Moran, Nancy Pelosi et al to come to an abrupt and well deserved end. For this, we will be able to thank Barack Obama, the worst President ever.

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