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Making Socialism a Dirty Word Again

Barack Obama has openly declared himself. He’s finally come out of the closet. And as gays always tell their closet companions, I think he feels better for it, too.

You see, in the president’s Teddy Roosevelt speech on Tuesday in Kansas, he left no doubt that he is a socialist. And always has been.

And that his agenda has always been a socialist agenda.

This is good news for us for now the lines are clearly drawn, even if the GOP refuses to acknowledge there are any lines at all. Thousands more socialists can now come out of the closet as well, where they have hidden, afraid to defend that word, (while  defending its content…only called something else) for many years.

It will be fun to see them suddenly chirp up, and say, “Hey, socialism isn’t such a bad idea.”

And thank Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh for making this process so much more difficult by lumping all “progressives” and all “liberals” into the same hopper, forgetting that history prior to 1970-80 has known both progressives and liberals, in fact, probably, the majority of them, that were never of the Left…

….while on the other hand, a socialist can never be “not of the left.” By definition, socialists, fascists, communists, Marxists of every ilk, and Nazis are all of the left. And their union and corporate henchmen and supporters are agents of the Left, whether they like it or not.

See how much more simple things becomes when we use a more precise language?

What we will see in coming months will be a hastening to defend socialism even more, so look for it. This is in part because the Occupy movement has convinced Administration insiders that America’s youth are indeed inclined to go along with the socialist line. They aren’t afraid of being called “socialist,” in fact they rush to be called one first, much like gay men in the 90’s rushed to be the first on the block to call themselves “queer” after dodging that awful name most of their lives.

Now is the time, Obama thinks.

And to some extent, he is right, for demographically, the Left has reached its apogee. It won’t get any bigger except under a dictatorial regime.

We knew this day would come. It had to.

You see, there have always been socialists lurking out there, since the early 1900s. But in the usual places; in academe and union halls, but always in small numbers. They were fairly predictable, both in their size and the tenacity of their hatred for the doers and builders of society.

But since the 1960s a lot has changed.

Government has exploded in size, especially in regulatory and “relief” agencies. Did you know that up to 70% of all welfare money goes to the bureaucrats paid to dispense it?  That’s 70c on every dollar that the end user never sees. So, all government employees, whether socialists or not, will always support their rice bowl, thus becoming agents of the Left whether they want to or not…for they can always be relied on to vote with their bellies (and their pensions).

Divorce has skyrocketed as well, putting over half of all Gen-X’ers and Millenials out into the world from a world dominated (most often) by their mothers, in which the state has served as surrogate father and safety net-provider. Most of these have gone to college, and more than a few of those have never been inspired to do much in the way of getting into the rough and tumble sport called “life”, where merit speaks louder than feeling….which is a guy thing, I think.

So, yes, college educations have ballooned. But as we know from the Occupy Movement, they have been in degree programs that have no market value and produce no merchantable skills, reminding me of the thousands of Iranians who studied in America before the fall of the Shah, and who, upon returning home to find the only real jobs in Iran were still in petro-chemicals, took to the streets to welcome back the Ayatollah Khomeini because their country had no jobs for them, a decision they greatly regretted (literally) within 90 days, once the mullahs took power.

Like the federal government in general, colleges grew in every direction, in breadth, in scope. Full professors went from tiny little two-stroke Datsuns to Volvos and Beamers. University curricula tripled or quadrupled, as did salaries, and in some of the most quaint degree programs imaginable. So did tuition fees and costs, so that most students were carrying from $40K-$100K in student loans, again for degrees for which there was no known employment demand.

Now, like Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “Sixteen Tons”, they owe their souls to the government store.

Barack Obama, the child-god, in the fourth year, like the real God on the fourth day, saw that this was good, and decided to reveal himself. His rising army of alienated children can now join his army of bureaucrats and black plantation occupants and their black trustee-managers to forge a new front.

This is American socialism’s core, along with the existing state “middle class” (GS-1 thru GS-7 pay levels, not to be confused with the private sector middle class) in federal, state and local government, which Obama really means when he talks “jobs” and jobs programs for the “middle class.” These are who he really means. For where else can you find a job with a degree in 10th Century Tibetan Bell Chiming, other than as an factotum in an auditorium-sized office of other factotums…

…who’s only purpose is to push a piece of paper onto the next desk-dweller. (I saw this in the USSR, and this is what was called “going to work” there, as a nation sank into a vodka stupor for thirty years before it finally came apart. I know how this system turns out.)

This army, together with their families make up a whopping 30% of the American population today. That’s way too many.

But you can see why Obama wants to grow this sector. This is what socialism does. This is what socialism is designed to do.

First create the base, then feed the base, and as we’re seeing in Europe, then stand helplessly by while the base devours itself.

Memo to self

If we are wise, we need to know we can turn this around in relatively short order. And by we, I mean a leader with our mandate to turn this around, and a Congress who will follow that leader.

For things do not look so good for Obama growing his enterprise among the electorate beyond where it is today. He may yet become king-for-life, but it will not come through the ballot box. He’s tapped out by doing things constitutionally.

The past six years have not been good for bringing him a new wave of little Obama-babies into this world. Children born in 2006 are growing up in an entirely different world, and most of them are not hearing that it’s Bush’s fault. Still, there are a few million who will turn 18 this year, and they may be the only new voters Obama can count on…if the Dems can only keep all those (illegal) easy-voting rules in place that allowed students, including out-of-state ones, to vote without getting out of bed….and then can actually get them to the polls, which they haven’t proved very reliable at doing when their only impetus is self-drive.

Millions of others who voted for Obama in 2008, and are said to be represented by the Occupy Wall Street idiots are not such a sure thing, either, for even as sparse as their educations have been in common sense, many still realize that $50,000 in students loans to procure degrees for which there were never any jobs in the world is a gyp.

And I count less than fifty remaining independents in America, so they won’t come back to help Obama. If the GOP establishment are so concerned about them, I want one consultant to step forward and explain to me the process by which any independent who left Obama since 2009 will come back to him.  Walk me through it, step by step. They may stay home, but they cannot bring themselves to vote for Obama, in part because the one ideology independents do have is economic stability and nobody’s buying his “it’s Bush’s fault” dodge any longer.  From Solyndra to the recent Keystone pipeline jobs killer, independents, while probably not buying into the purposeful socialism line as conservatives do, they still see sheer incompetence at every level of the Obama administration.

Even blacks, who will still vote 97% for Obama (now that Herman Cain is out) will mostly vote “absent” in November. Only half will show up, but it will still be 97%. Trust me.

And the union rank and file, the Reagan conservatives of 32 years ago, are there, for the taking…but only by a conservative.  (Sit down, Newt, you ain’t him.)

Believe it or not, Obama sees what conservatives also see, and the squishy GOP insiders refuse to see. He sees political Armageddon, and is putting all his apples into the notion that the GOP establishment will never let themselves “think the unthinkable.” His side can throw down a brand “new name of the game” on the table, socialism, as he did in Kansas, and the GOP simply won’t show up, allowing him to win by default. That’s his gambit.

And, as God is my witness, he has Reince Priebus pegged.

But a great opportunity confronts conservatives, still. I see all sorts of advantages for us, for Obama has played his cards way too early. And we can force his hand early, all to our advantage.

This requires a lot of coordination among conservative NGO’s, including blogs, to stir up “strife” within the Republican ranks, forcing them to address this idea of socialism and meet it head-on.  Raise the temperature. But it should be done, and it can be done without a declared leader in the GOP pack.

Make socialism a dirty word again, and see where it takes you.




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  1. It occurs to me that some, (many?), patriotic democrats may be offended by being lumped together with the leftists/socialists. Having it out in the open at this point might have just the backlash we Conservtives need.

  1. It occurs to me that some, (many?), patriotic democrats may be offended by being lumped together with the leftists/socialists. Having it out in the open at this point might have just the backlash we Conservtives need.

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