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“We can fight for ourselves.”

Yes we can !

Git-R-Done Minister Ayalon !

“Today’s challenges demand that we defend our land from slander and battle the lies that are being thrown at us. As Israel endures constant delegitimization we must remember that we are powerful when we are united as one.”

“The world tells us that our national mission in misguided and immoral and that we are illegal colonizers but nothing could be further from the truth. At the time of our redemption, the Third Jewish Commonwealth will not be destroyed. We must never give up on our ability to defend ourselves by ourselves. We will never ask the Americans to go in to harm’s way for us. We can fight for ourselves.”


Then hit the peace-lovers now – today – because they’re coming with everything they’ve got and the Obama administration of Anti-Semitic Totalitarian scum and most of the rest of the world will not try to stop them.

It’s becoming more and more obvious every day that The Jihadist At 1600™ and his administration of Anti-Semitic Totalitarian scum and most of the rest of the world are aiding and abetting the Quranimals.

Many people also believe fully that our humble but lovable Dictator In Training Pants™, his administration of Anti-Semitic Totalitarian scum and most of the rest of the world will try and stop Israel from defending herself.
Wake up Israel and my fellow Jews around the world.

Tool up.
Questions for the 78% of ‘my people’ – Jewish Americans – who invited this insanity to come into power in our nation:

How do you look at yourselves in the mirror and justify continually supporting and defending the #HeilObama administration of Anti-Semitic Totalitarian scum ?

Knowing you’re purposely ignoring what’s happened since January 20th 2009 – truthfully you began to do so way before then – knowing you’re not caring about what’s occurring now and knowing you refuse to realize what’s coming on the near-event horizon…… How can you face your children and explain it all ?

Has any of this begun to sink in yet ?

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Reporting from South Florida,

E. Phil Chew™

a.k.a. Kenny Solomon
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