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The Interlocking Directorate and Wartime Etiquette

We commend to you the fine article by Diana West in Townhall from December 2nd.  A glaring spotlight shone on the continuing downgrading, sissification,  dhimmification and emasculation of the US military, West’s piece centers on the etiquette education being given to our forces in Afghanistan.  This is of course the recently promulgated “In which direction is it respectful to pee while engaged in combat in Afghanistan?”.  Coming hard on the heels of the military command’s recent sensitizing the troops to homosexuality while engaged in combat in Afghanistan, this latest outrage and example of losing sight of the mission needs no further amplification from us.

However, and we’re sure Ms. West is fully aware of this, the source spurring her commentary, the Marine Corps Times, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Gannett media conglomeration.  So that when she writes of the articles and editorial praising the new attitude of dhimmitude, while her focus is on the follies of the military and it’s civilian overlords these days, it must be emphasized that those egging this on have somehow been given license to call themselves The Marine Corps Times ( and also publish the Military Times and the Federal Times).  How this all came about we have no clue and haven’t the time now to research it, for in following the West piece and going to the offending site, we discovered another editorial on another topic and it just further edifies and brings into context how it is that things have gotten so crazy these days, and why there is no escape from The Message.

The editorial in question is from the Federal Times arm of Gannett Government Media (yes, that’s what Gannett itself calls it’s subdivisions having to do with the military and the federal bureaucracy, Army Times, Navy Times, Federal Times, etc.  – Government Media Corp.) and it concerns the proposals coming from the Republican side of the aisle to control and reduce federal spending.  A sampling from the editorial follows:

Last week, Senate Republicans unsuccessfully tried to shrink the federal workforce 10 percent and extend the federal pay freeze from two to five years.

Sponsored by Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., the measure was intended to pay for an extension of the payroll tax cut, but was rejected along mostly partisan lines in a Dec. 1 vote.

So far, just basic information and identifying who the villains are going to be, but then the hammer comes down:

What these events make clear, then, is that Republicans will continue to view the federal workforce as a funding source for other priorities — and that the Obama administration may well go along.

But whacking away at federal pay, benefits and staffing without fully understanding — or even caring — about the potential impact of such moves is neither helpful nor wise.

Now we’re starting to get serious about it, aren’t we? The Republicans want to go through the federal workforce slashing and burning and ‘whacking’, not understanding, not caring (the old uncaring Republicans shtick). Boy, those Republicans are just so unhelpful and stupid, aren’t they?

Congress just doesn’t know what it’s talking about, says Federal Times, in what is supposed to be a damning salvo against the Republicans:

The fact is, Congress doesn’t have a clue whether federal pay levels are fair and reasonable or not. For every assertion that feds are paid too much, there is another report that argues otherwise. So before Congress tinkers further with federal compensation, it needs a realistic assessment of how competitive federal pay and benefits really are

Unfortunately for Federal Times, and Gannett,  there is already a realistic assessment of federal pay, pretty much backing up what the uncaring, slashing Republicans have been saying. In fact, it was provided by USA Today, coincidentally yet another Gannett outlet! How embarassing for the Gannet family of Big Government Boosters.  See, that’s what happens when you have Big Media comingling with Big Government Media and the interlocking directorate directors can’t keep their stories straight.

Now, you may be saying “Well, it’s a newspaper; it’s an editorial, it’s opinion, so what’s the beef?” The beef is that Gannett is a multmedia company, including a large newspaper chain covering most of the US as a private company. Somehow, someway, it has wheedled itself into the position of being a quasi-governmental mouthpiece, by the very title of its publications appearing to represent the views of those government establishments it serves (THE MARINE CORPS TIMES) , even as it declaims that it is an “independent source” or that it serves “federal managers”, as it does in its Federal Times statement of who it is and what it does.

So that if your friendly quasi-government publication has no qualms about, and apparently receives no flack for, trashing the Republican Party in blatant, disparaging terms, the next logical step is of course assisting the enemy, the real enemy, radical Islam, in hindering US military operations by promulgating the enemy-provided etiquette rules crucial to impinging upon the moral and religious convictions of our troops and attempting to confuse the US soldier about why he is in Afghanistan and what the function of a soldier is to begin with.

Diana West explains the outrageous presumptions and the frustrating obstacles to mission performance put in place by playing with the mind and conscience of the US soldier.  It is thoroughly unconscionable what is being done to our troops in Afghanistan, and it’s not all that ethical to parrot Democrat Party talking points in its civilian-oriented publications, either.  Why Gannett Media, indeed Gannett Government Media Corp., gets away with insinuating its private editorial opinions harvested from throughout its media empire, and eerily similar to those found in the Progressive Playbook,   into the fabric of the supposedly non-political and thoroughly professional military and civilian service  through these quasi-governmental publications is difficult to understand, but it does.

The Republican Party, and the Republican officeholders in Washington who abide these abominations could, if they wished, speak up and speak out,for themselves and the country, and address this issue.  The soldiers serving in Afghanistan, or anywhere else for that matter, have a hard time warding off  media indoctrination and propaganda.  And apparently federal workers are subject to it as well.

Those of us not falling under the Government Media’s “federal umbrella” don’t have to take it though.   So to ‘Government Media News’ and ‘Government Media Opinion’, we give out with a hearty ‘Pee on you!’, in whatever direction you are coming from these days, shariah compliant or not.  And that one’s for the troops.





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    • And they can’t fight back, they can’t speak out. They just have to take it. What has to happen is when we get the whole government back, the bureaucracy and the courts are going to have to be kicked the hell away from the military establishment. The whole social engineering, ‘military as peace corps’ mentality is going to have to be wiped clean.

    • And they can’t fight back, they can’t speak out. They just have to take it. What has to happen is when we get the whole government back, the bureaucracy and the courts are going to have to be kicked the hell away from the military establishment. The whole social engineering, ‘military as peace corps’ mentality is going to have to be wiped clean.

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