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It Is Our Generations Calling To Bring Freedom Back In Style

I know that the fight becomes unbearable in this battle for the heart and soul of our Country, but we cannot quit. If you look back in history you will see it is the conservative who has always sat back and lived their life expecting that those in power had their same moral values only to find out that it isn’t true. The “machine” in Washington DC is there for one reason, power and if that power comes at the expense of their values they will sell those values one by one. It is money, power and the corruption that both bring that has gotten us to this point in history whereby We The People are spending our FREE time fighting back.

There are those who have taken back their local GOP Take Back Your Party and those who are fighting inside the National GOP and then there are the millions who write on blogs, put boots on the ground, donate their money and pray to God that real change will be coming. Now is not the time to give up. We are a 24/7/365 people and it is the easy thing to stop and go back to our lives, it is the hard thing, the American thing to stand up and fight harder Our Children and Grand-children’s Futures Depend On Us Today

I did not think Cain would cave, but he did. Which means politics in America is now controlled by the elite of the Political Industrial Complex.

Since that is the case, this blog will be suspending its interest in parties and politics as well. Since the system is rigged against Main Street, no need to waste my time pretending our views matter.

GOP – you will not see any support from the Strata-Sphere. Your on your own. I seriously doubt I will even vote, let alone lift finger for any of the DC insiders now running. If someone like Palin or Cain jumps in I will reconsider. But listening or challenging the vacuous dribble that passes for political debate is just a waste of IQ points.

Instead I will focus on science, law, ethics (if we can find any) and current events. Which means I will keep covering the economic mess left by the Democrats while noting there will be no assistance coming from the meek and impotent GOP. I will keep covering Climategate, along with other failed conspiracy theories. Will keep an eye on Fast and Furious and other gross crimes against our citizenry from the powers that be. But politics reeks right now and I just tool a shower.

For me personally as a person who started this fight against my own party in 2005 when Republicans got into their power hungry heads that amnesty for illegals would somehow cement their power by bringing in Hispanic voters, they were wrong. They were wrong for two reasons, Americans as a majority do not like rewarding illegal behavior and 2nd Hispanics do not vote as a block, they are of different nations and different backgrounds, and legal citizens as a majority do not believe in rewarding illegal behavior either. Nonetheless, that was the start of a pushback against my own party, the TARP vote was the next, the American people rejected that bailout of banks and General Electric etc., and they made Republicans pay, now enters the TEA Party Movement, suffice it to say, it is this Movement that will never go back to sleep. The “machine” may choose the next Republican Presidential candidate, they will not be choosing our Senators and Congressmen/women as was shown in 2010.

This battle has just begun as a majority of conservatives have decided to fight back, now is not the time to give up, hell now is the time to get a full compliment of Republicans in office to keep their feet to the fire. I can only say what I have said a million times, the Republicans will back down, the Democrats will spit in your face and tell you they know better. I have witnessed both Parties and their major legislation and what each did when We The People said no and you watched it too and we know who listened to the voters. America is the best damn Country to ever have been given to an ungrateful nation but it is time for this nation and her people to take it back and thank God every day for it!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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