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Or What, Holder? OR WHAT?

The controversy began on Nov. 29, when TheDC’s reporter asked Holder about  congressional calls for his resignation. The question prompted the nation’s top  law enforcement official to point his finger at the reporter and demand that “you need to stop this. It’s not an organic thing that’s just happening. You  guys are behind it.”

Okay, here’s the thing, Holder.  Not “Attorney General Holder”; not “Mr. Holder”; just Holder.  You, Holder.  What are you gonna do about it?  That’s the question we want answered, right after this one: “Who in the hell do you think you are?”  For those of you who are outraged that Holder would dare spin on his heels and shake his finger at a reporter and tell him he needs to “stop this” (all two or three of you who are outraged), you need to raise your sights.  Your outrage should be directed at whatever semblance of a journalism/free press profession is left out there.  What Holder did, and including the photo of his finger-pointing little snitfit, ought to be the lead from every responsible corner of the print-o-sphere, blog-o-sphere and broadcast-o-sphere.  And we’re not talking about The Bigs either. There is no appealing to their better nature.  They have none. Your Washington Posts and your New York Times and your Boston Globes and your ABCCBSNBCCNN’s are corrupt.  As are many of the local outlets across the country which are either owned by the bigs or follow their lead out of adoration.

Oh, yes, the story of what Holder did is getting a little bit of play here and there.  Just like what he did with Fast and Furious is getting a little bit of play, on the Internet.  But apparently the man’s attitude strikes fear in the hearts of many of our CINO (Conservative In Name Only) bretheren desperate not to have Justice bust down their doors looking for, ahem, violations.

To date, 52 members of Congress have called on Eric Holder to resign as Attorney General.  There are 535 members of Congress.  That means that 90% are, to this point in time,   okay with the man whose department set up the conditions resulting in  the murder of  Brian Terry and who points his finger at the press and tells them they had better stop asking questions about the murder of Brian Terry, remaining in the office of Attorney General of the United States of America.  Less than 10%  of the Peoples’ Representatives think the problem is serious enough to ride Holder’s rear end out of Washington on a rail.  What, pray tell, could an attorney general possibly do to place himself in the disfavor of such a forgiving, or willfully blind, bunch of legislators?

We are not okay with that.  We think Eric Holder is a stain on the fabric of justice in these United States  and we think Holder has been a blot and a blight on   decent respect for law and conscience for a long, long time, going back at least as far as when he facilitated the pardoning of the  FALN terrorists and the pardoning of the fugitive  Marc Rich and probably was complicit in covering up the many crimes of Bill and Hillary Clinton.   The stench emanating from 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC  20530 – 2001 has only grown more awful over time, increasing exponentially with the the New Black Panther voter intimidation scandal ,threatening to mock the citizens of New York City by taunting them with Khalid Sheik Mohammed,  the non-enforcement of voter fraud laws across the nation, the suing of the State of Arizona for trying to protect its citizens from being murdered by invading foreign nationals, other “gunwalking” schemes across the US and many other abominations.

You can sit there in front of a Congressional committee, Holder, and whine and complain and pretend to be all upset that people would think badly of you and your henchmen in Justice and ATF because American citizens are being robbed, beaten , kidnapped and killed in the Great Southwest because of your policies.  But when you whip out your skinny little finger and start waving it in the face of the press and warning them they had better back off, you had better be prepared to explain what the consequences are of not backing off.  Hence the rhetorical OR WHAT? in the title of the piece.  The reason for that, Holder, is that more and more ordinary Americans, regardless of what the Establishment Press and the Establishment pols do, are NOT going to back off.  You have shaken your finger in our faces and called us names and trampled on our Constitution  too many times and we have had enough of it.  You have used your office to badger and belittle the people and the Sovereign States for far too long, and we are done with that, too.

Now, continue to demand silence if you think it’s going to save your sorry hide (It’s not.)  But you had better make very clear what the consequences of us not shutting up will be, Holder.  Go ahead, Holder.  Spell it out.   Here it is, Holder – the followup question:    Or WHAT, Holder?








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