Firefighter scandal rocks Cleveland 2 weeks after Dems torpedo Issue 2


H/t to Ohio tweep @akonsen. Image courtesy of Third Base Politics.

Betcha you won’t see this one in the LSM.

When I was a kid I always looked forward to the day when a policeman or firefighter would visit my classroom. They were looked at by us kids as some of the best pillars of our society. Lots of kids wanted to be policemen, firefighters or teachers. However recent events have made at least this writer change her opinion. For the worse.

The latter three groups and their unions were at the heart of the controversy surrounding Ohio ballot Issue #2 which was defeated by a 2-1 majority 3 weeks ago. They cried “woe is me, I don’t have enough money” and fooled the voters into thinking citizens would have substandard fire and police protection if #2 failed.

Now ain’t this special. Two weeks after the Ohio Dems, unions and other progressive groups inundated Ohio with $50 million to defeat said Issue #2, Cleveland is rocked with a firefighter scandal. All I can say is, who ordered this NOT to be released until after the November 8 election? Even though the date of an audit done is November 18 I’d be willing to bet it was ready before the election and if made public then, it could have been a major game-changer for the outcome of Issue #2.

According to the report:

  • One firefighter worked only 3 months out of the last 30, but was paid his entire $54,000 salary the entire time. He did so by trading shifts with others, and then not reciprocating as required. This may have allowed other firefighters to rack up overtime pay.
  • Another abused the system by living in San Diego for 4-5 months out of the year.
  • One took 4 months off of work, and then made up for it by working 24 hour shifts for 18 out of 21 days in August, a dangerous situation.
  • Michael Milano worked 1,828 hours over 2 1/2 years but was paid for three times as many hours. Timothy Debarr was paid for 6,497 hours but worked only 2,833. Gary McNamara worked just over half the 6,681 hours for which he was paid.
  • Auditors also discovered that firefighters breached city policy by destroying records of shift swaps.
  • Sick time was not being subtracted from employees balances, allowing them to accumulate more than they really had to cash in at retirement.

This is a tremendous abuse of money and trust and shows us the unions and their minions will stop at nothing to *look after their own* and make *big labor* even bigger. And according to

The audit also revealed a smoke screen that obscured the bad recordkeeping. The failure of supervisors to record sick time, for example, inflated the amount of money firefighters received upon retirement for their unused sick days.

And’s Mark Naymik ripped the firefighters a new one today:

The public long has trusted them, but the audit has broken this bond and smeared the image of safety workers overall.

Cleveland’s firefighters have only themselves to blame. The abuses should be insulting to the majority of the city’s 800 firefighters and to voters.

Good job, you guys. Let’s hope the firefighters in the rest of the state take notice of this scandal, because to quote Naymik, firefighters are about to see a lot of their public support *go up in smoke.*

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E Pluribus Unum
December 1, 2011 7:33 pm

The stench of union corruption and union-protected corruption has been growing thicker for years. I personally am past the point of feeling anything positive or even tolerant of any union, and particularly any public sector union.

That extends to the union members themselves. Most particularly in recent years I have experienced a great deal of antipathy for public school teachers, and I mean the rank-and-file grunts who indoctrinate our children.

No love. No mercy. No quarter.

December 1, 2011 8:26 pm

Hand yourself a card, check it off and vote yourself some bennies, LIO. You deserve it for your reporting, but don’t look for Andy Stern to come negotiate for you. In our state the Progressives, including progressive Republicans, are pushing for consolidation of local governments into bigger units, with less elected officials. The Professional Firefighters Union is sooo on board with this. They are greedily eyeing all the volunteer fire departments being combined under a central authority.