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Ohio *Right-to-work* initiative: please think before you act

“As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”

My mantra has always been the one in the featured picture (click to enlarge): mainly to think of the consequences before acting on what you may think is at the time, a great idea.

This past election Ohio had a major smackdown by the unions, Dems and progressive organizations who orchestrated the defeat of Issue #2, which if passed would have upheld Ohio Governor Kasich’s SB5. Depending on who is accurate, the Left poured $30-50 million into this state to ensure its defeat.

Now Ohio could be poised to suffer more “union drama” in this state which could hold major implications for the November 2012 election. A Tea Partier by the name of Chris Littleton representing himself under the auspices of the Ohio Liberty Council, a coalition of Tea Parties and conservative groups, has begun the preparations for a referendum on next year’s November ballot. Littleton labels it the Work Place Freedom Amendment. If passed it would place an amendment on Ohio’s constitution to make her a “right to work” state. However, according to a press release by the Ohio Liberty Council Littleton’s actions are his own, and not representative of the OLC.

Initially this may seem sound judgement for those who believe belonging to a union should be a choice, and not mandated; but if one delves further into the issue many, including this writer, believe the timing is all wrong.

Ohio will already be a battleground state in 2012. Obama and his minions, including the unions, have already poured millions of dollars into Ohio in an attempt to ensure a win for Obama here. One can then imagine if a “right to work” amendment is also on the November ballot Ohio will be fighting the unions on two fronts at the same time and having to split much needed dollars available that should be going to defeat Obama. Below is an email already in circulation by AFL-CIO Ohio:

Notice the words “extreme right-wing forces” and “a Right-to-work for less constitutional amendment is SB5 on steroids.”

And as a reminder of how the Dems already feel about the Tea Parties, below are two flashbacks from 2010. Chris Redfern, Ohio Democratic Chair has some choice R-rated words when he talks about the Tea Party. Warning, graphic language.

And former Ohio Dem Governor Strickland also becomes unhinged when ranting about the Tea Parties:

Fellow Ohioan “Bytor” over at Ohio’s Third Base Politics and Big Government also agrees putting this issue on the ballot in 2012 could spell disaster:

The placement of another union related issue on the ballot could tip the scales in favor of Obama winning Ohio, and thus winning reelection. Yes, we believe that placing the RTW referendum on the 2012 ballot could actually result in the reelection of Barack Obama, even if the amendment was approved. [snip] Do we really want to give Democrats a reason to be excited about 2012? Do we really want to give the Ohio Democratic Party and national unions another vehicle with which to fire up their GOTV machine for President Downgrade? We don’t!

I’m urging any and all fellow Ohioans if approached to sign this petition to politely say “no thank-you.”

Let’s deal with one battle at a time. We’ve been dealing with the unions for many, many years. We can wait until 2013.

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