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AirClaire McCaskill Is Putting On Her Show For Re-Election

I cannot imagine that the people of Missouri would be so stupid or ignorant to send Claire McCaskill back to the Senate to continue to destroy this Country with unprecedented spending of which she is duly guilty. I would think that except for the elites in each state which according to poll after poll equals about 18% of the population, that conservatives would ensure that the most brazen of these anti-American spenders would go home in 2012 and the rest in 2014 and 2016 and we are talking about Democrats and Republicans. It is up to the people of Utah to send home a terrible Senator and it is up to the people of Missouri to ensure that Claire can never again place a vote to socialize any portion of our great Country as she did with Obamacare.

What Claire is doing 18 months out is going after Obama for another favor he has done for another bundler, which he and she have allowed via her votes for increased spending and his signature on those “budgets”. It is the spending stupid, it has always been the incredibly disgusting spending that these idiots who have no clue as to what it means to work hard for your dollar to have the federal government take a portion of to give to someone else to feel good about themselves. I suggest that Claire is being the sneaky socialist/progressive/Marxist they all are, they never tell you they are going to spend the Country to death, they lie when they run, they run as fiscal conservatives, but just look at all their votes and you will know, they are liars Too Little, Too Late Claire

A top Senate Democrat has requested an investigation into the Obama administration’s awarding a $433 million no-bid contract to the maker of an experimental smallpox vaccine.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., says the five-year contract from the Department of Health and Human Services to Siga Technologies – a New York company run by a major Democratic donor — raises questions about a conflict of interest and the potential waste of precious taxpayer funds.

In a letter to HHS inspector general Daniel Levinson on Monday, McCaskill expressed worry over the hefty price of the drug (reportedly $255 per dose) because the company had not been not forced to compete for the contract. She also noted that the drug itself, known as ST-246, may not be effective since it has a short shelf-life and hasn’t been tested on humans.

“Under the contract, the department will acquire 1.7 million doses of smallpox vaccine for the strategic national stockpile, ” McCaskill wrote. “The vaccine is reported to be more expensive and has a shorter shelf-life than the vaccine currently in the SNS, and it is unknown whether this produce is actually safe for human use.”

There is nothing this woman can do at this time to change the opinion she has created with vote after vote for more taxes, more spending and less freedom for Americans. She like Orrin Hatch have done enough damage to this Country, send them home!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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