Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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I Am Most Thankful To God, Family, Country And New Media

On this Thanksgiving Day, I cannot go without saying I am thankful to God for my family and Country, however, right behind those, and in keeping with the spirit of my love for America, this Thanksgiving I want to give thanks for the new media. I have written extensively about the media wing of the Democrat Party ABC/CBS/NBC/NewYorkTimes/WashingtonPost/LATimes etc., and their attacks upon the majority of Americans who say they are conservative. They’ve been working for decades to bring this Country to its knees – forcing us to ideologically live in the same pit of hell the Democrats do. Being sold the Democrats’ lies or ignoring them, has brought us to this moment in time. It is with all gratitude to God that I thank new media such as Instapundit, , The Many Pages Of New Media That Breitbart Has Brought To Us and the grand daddy of them all Drudge.

It cannot be lauded enough all of the above, and many other groups, including our own Unified Patriots, bringing the truth to the masses. It is said that a majority of Americans now get their “news” on the internet and it is important for us to soldier on. When you see what is done to conservatives/Republicans by the so called mainstream media on a daily basis while they prop up liberals, your blood boils, but you know that with the presence of the new media, the truth will get out there much quicker, especially when they start digging. There is nowhere for Democrats to hide anymore; that is not to say ABC/CBS/NBC is not working hard to do so, it just means within days we will force them to react to our demands for the truth or coverage of a story. The story that sticks out most recently is Anthony Wiener. We watched on the internet for 4 days as the MSM media tried to ignore it, they thought the holiday weekend would give them cover, which it did – until Breitbart forced them to react on that Monday. It isn’t easy, but we eventually forced them to cover the story and get the truth out to the American public. I say it constantly, and will say it here again today, the media wing of the Democrat Party is the enemy of the good of America.

I want to thank all conservatives who have stepped up and decided to fight in the gutter where the Democrats live. You have created a new world, giving Americans their old world back and taking the fight directly to the progressives. It is the only way to get our country back – flush out the truth and let the people know what is being hidden from them. So, on this day, eat, drink and be merry, because the fight resumes tomorrow!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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