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The Seven Deadly Sins Of The Scam Known As Global Warming

I know its a scam, you know its a scam, and the lying scientists who have been selling this pile of horse manure know its a scam. They lie because they are paid to lie, they lie because they want to be someone and they lie because in the end there are billions of dollars and the creation of a one world government. You see, it has always been about control, who controls whom has been the only sticking block in this worldwide global warming scam. If China had thought they could get billions more from the world and a higher level of control via the United Nations they would have signed on years ago, but the United Nations wasn’t going to release that level of control and it is China not wanting to be on the bottom rung of the Global Warming ladder that has left us fairly unscathed by this scam.

I don’t know who the hero is who continues to get the truth out, but he or she is most definitely a worldwide Superman/woman. They have saved America from its leftists, in ways that will only become known in future years, when the EU is finally kaput due to their insane spending levels. They’ll realize the truth when their people have frozen to death in winter, and died of heat exhaustion in the summer because of liars in the scientific community who found the biggest rubes to be the European Union Climategate 2.0

In the past years, we did some analyses of the urban warming effect on surface air
temperature trends in China, and we found the effect is pretty big in the areas we
analyzed. This is a little different from the result you obtained in 1990. I think there
might be at least three reasons for the difference: (1) the areas chosen in the analyses
are different; (2) the time periods analyzed are obviously varied, and the aft-1990
period is seeing a more rapid warming in most areas of China; (3) the rural stations
used for the analyses are different, and we used some stations which we think could be
more representative for the baseline change.
We have published a few of papers on this topic in Chinese. Unfortunately, when we sent
our comments to the IPCC AR4, they were mostly rejected.
It is my opinion that we need to re-assess the urbanization effect on surface air
temperature records for at least some regions of the continents. I am glad that you are
going to redo it using the updated dataset. I expect you to obtain the new outcome.
As for the dataset, I believe that Dr. Li Qingxiang could give you a hand. He and his
group conducted a lot work of detection and adjustment of the inhomogeneities in the
past years, and the adjusted and the raw datasets are all stored and managed in his
center. The datasets we used are also from his center.
Iā€™d be happy to discuss some issues with you late, but I would not necessarily be as a
co-author because my contribution would be rather minor.

They have been covering their rearends since the first set of emails came out and its clear they are attempting to MANIPULATE data to get their desired result. There will come a time, probably the next 10 years, when we will look back at the shysters who ruined great Countries and propagandized a generation of children – all for billions upon billions of dollars. It cannot ever be said enough, follow the money and heck while doing that, you to should make money off of the scam known as Global Warming or newly minted Climate Change How To Make Money Off Of The Global Warming Scam

First, identify prominent purveyors of global warming doom-and-gloom. The bigger the media ham, the better. For a jumping-off list, I suggest Al Gore, James Hansen, Michael Mann, Gavin Schmidt and Joe Romm.

Second, whenever the purveyors of doom make ridiculous predictions about global warming, ask them to put their money where their mouths are. After all, if Al Gore can so fervently urge government to force us to spend our hard-earned money complying with his global warming predictions, he should certainly be willing to risk his own millions backing up his global warming claims.

Sometimes you might get lucky and discover a deluded alarmist who has beat you to the punch and offered such a bet on his or her own volition. For example, I just stumbled across this blog post from Joe Romm offering to bet even money that the Arctic Ocean will be ice-free by the year 2020. Talk about taking candy from a baby! I will be contacting Joe immediately. I urge all readers of this column to do the same.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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