It’s the Messaging, Stupid!


Yesterday, Rasmussen released it’s weekly generic Congressional ballot showing that the Republican lead over Democrats  had shrunk to 1% for the second straight week. As recently as September 4th, the GOP held a 7% lead in this barometer of public sentiment. And, despite presiding over by far the worst economy since the 30’s, President Obama’s approval rating has actually risen since September.

So what has changed in the last 2 1/2 months? Let’s see…unemployment continues to exceed 9% for the longest period of time since the Great Depression; we continue to spend money at a pace which a drunken sailor could only dream of; Obama’s EPA continues to crush job growth with its burdensome regulations; ObamaCare continues to put a ceiling on hiring in the private sector; and President Obama continues to reward the extreme leftists in the environmental movement by delaying pipeline projects which not only would bring energy to our nation but would even give jobs to his cronies in the Labor movement.

What has changed is that President Obama and his minions in the House and Senate have embarked on a blitzkrieg against the pillars of capitalism. They have embraced the Occupy Wall Street crowd in a full, frontal kiss and repeated ad nauseum that the problem with our economy right now is that  those rich, rascally, evil corporations and rich people just aren’t paying their fair share, dadgummit! (which somehow manages to conveniently ignore that these are the same tax rates that were in existence during the economic expansion of the early 2000’s)

And the Republican response? To be blunt? It’s. Totally. Sucked.

Other than a few feeble attempts at stating that it’s fool-hardy to raise taxes on anyone during a recession, the GOP, in typical fashion, has been flailing around in the deep end of the pool. They have no message…and they repeat it endlessly.

So if I may be so bold, I’d like to offer some advice to the pontiffs in the GOP: Hey guys!! It’s the messaging, stupid!!!

There are three very simple, very brief talking points which the Republican Party could use to dispose of the anti-capitalist manure the Democrats are spreading as quickly and relentlessly as a Minnesota farmer turning over his soil post-harvest. How do I know these will work? Because I have used them countless times in conversations with conservatives, moderates and even a few liberals. They cause eyes to widen and mouths to drop open. Why? Because these people have never. heard. them. before.

1) We have no concept as to just how much a trillion dollars is. So try this on for size: If someone had started giving you a million dollars a day the day Christ was born, you still wouldn’t have a trillion dollars in your bank account. Our budget for next year is $3.7 trillion. Do the math. And spending $.97 out of every dollar we spend now is considered to be “draconian reductions”?

2) The top .1% (those earning over $1 million/yr.) of the taxpayers currently pay more income tax than the bottom 80% combined despite earning only 1/6th of the income earned collectively by the bottom 80%. They pay more than 1,000 times the amount of income tax per person than those in the middle 20% (over $1.1 million versus $1,017 per person) despite not earning anywhere near 1,000 times the income (the middle 20% earn around $50,000/yr. so a proportional income would be $50,000,000). The bottom 40%, in the meantime, have a negative income tax rate of approximately 4.1%. That means they get back in the form of credits more than they pay in. What about this remotely can be construed as not “progressive” enough, or “the rich” (also known as the job producers) not “paying their fair share?”

3) Federal spending is so completely out control and gargantuan (cf. point #1) that we could confiscate all of the wealth of the top .1% (not their yearly income, their entire, accumulated assets), and we’d net less than a trillion dollars, which wouldn’t even cover the projected $1.6 trillion deficit for this year.

And yet, I have yet to hear even one of our Republican Congressional leaders frame the issue in these very simple, very understandable terms.

Now, if some dumb schlunk like me, with Google search and no political savvy, can figure this out, one would think that all those benighted souls deep within the bowels of the Republican Party could have come up with this months ago. After all, their brilliance so exceeds my own that they just knew that John McCain and Bob Dole’s appeal to “centrists” and “independents” was the answer to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and, after somehow being wrong about McCain, that McCain Jr., Mitt Romney, is the second answer to Barack Obama. And yet all we hear from these political geniuses is weak pablum about not raising taxes in a recession whilst leaving unchallenged the relentless, socialistic mantra that the rich are benefiting at the expense of the poor.

If one didn’t know better, one might actually conclude that it’s not an accident.


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Constitutional conservative living in the frozen tundra. American first, conservative second, and Precinct Committeeman because I got tired of ColdWarrior hassling me about it (which, btw, led me to being elected as GOP County Chair, to my Congressional District Central Committee and to the state Central Committee).
Fervent believer that if we followed the Tenth Amendment more, we'd be hassled by the government a lot less.

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November 22, 2011 5:40 pm

Absolutely, EB. And here we are, all of us pinning our hopes on one grand candidate to emerge and lead us to final victory all by his/her lonesome, with nary a pause or misspeak or blemish, when there is an entire party structure dithering and blathering and hoping the other side will destroy the US of A so that whoever comes after will have the distinct privilege of trying to resuscitate it.

November 22, 2011 5:52 pm

I heard Senator Kyl this morning on the Bill Bennett Show. So sad. Pretty much went like this:

>>Well golly gee, in hindsight, there were some circumstances we just didn’t think about when the Super Committee was set up. We didn’t consider the Democrats would be just fine with gutting the military and letting the Bush tax cuts run out.
We tried really, really hard and there were people of good faith from both parties, but in the end, it just wasn’t to be.<< What a pathetic, clueless, beaten down lump of give-up. I could picture him on the phone, in a fetal position as he spoke with Bennett. So glad Kyl is retiring. Wished he would take McConnell, Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy with him.

November 22, 2011 6:38 pm

I think one thing that is a must have before we talk about messaging is supreme confidence in conservatism. They can’t always be on defense from attacks by enviro-wackos on political correctness, by unions on class warfare, and by homosexuals on marriage and parenthood. They have to be like that Remington sketch of the buffalo hunters in Vassar’s piece a while back. They have to not fear stampeding attacks.

November 23, 2011 9:08 am

The Democrats have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. From their point of view, the Republlican presidential debates, have certainly had their intended effect: 1) the Repubs have put in all the work, to delegitimatize one another; Dems didnt have to lift a finger;2) The Repubs have been kept way, way off message (“Obama has destroyed the US Economy”) for nigh on three full months now ; 3) scores of negative 5 second soundbytes have been generated and are ready and waiting, which can be used by Obama against whichever candidate emerges from the convention; 4) as each candidate… Read more »