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The Newspaper Guild As Journolisters

What is amazing about the story on The Newspaper Guild is not their liberalism, (hell, they lied to a nation about Barack Obama), no, the shocking thing is the blatancy with which they’re showing their liberalism. As in, up front, out in the open for all to see, they no longer fear “hiding” it. There isn’t a person on this planet who doesn’t realize how the media wing of the Democrat Party operates and now because of the internet, we all know they have been this way for at least a century. The New York Times and their beloved “uncle Joe”, meaning Stalin, is proof of that. I guess the most shocking to all of us, is how transparent they’ve become. Today, we see Lefty liberal, Chris Matthews, angry because Barack Obama didn’t give him his marching orders Sickening To Watch But Informational To Us All

Last night in an interview Chris Matthews pleaded with President Obama, “Just give us our orders and tell us where we’re going. Give us the mission!”
No bias there, huh?
Via MRCTV and Pat Dollard:

That is really nothing compared to The Newspaper Guild and their union supporting Occupy Wall Street, (which really is the new ACORN and the “troops” and by which Obama hopes to get re-elected), on their home page. The Newspaper Guild is also making no bones about supporting the recall effort against Wisconsin’s Republican governor, Scott Walker. I cannot express enough how the media wing of the Democrat Party, which entails 99% of all media is truly the enemy of the good that is America. I believe that without their cover for Democrats and their helping the Dems attacks on the majority of Americans, otherwise known as Conservatives, a Democrat would never get elected. Americans reject and have always rejected liberalism and its new moniker progressivism, and yet, because of the almost 100% control of the mass media by progressives we end up with the most leftist government this side of Uncle Joe Stalin. It is only a hop, skip and a jump to full out military control. You Say It Could Never Happen But Who Would Have Thought America Would Ever Get This Close To Socialism?

While journalists are quick to expose conflicts of interest that could influence political leaders, some often-sympathetic reporters covering the Occupy Wall Street movement might want to look in the mirror.

Those are the journalists belonging to the Newspaper Guild, a national union that represents many journalists in the state, including some at The New York Times.

The Guild is a branch of the CWA, or Communications Workers of America, one of the strongest supporters of the Occupy effort in the nation.

The union’s home page on the Web, for instance, proudly declares, “CWA Supports the Occupy Movement.’’

And it also declares, “CWAers have joined with the Occupy movement across the country to stand up against the destructive power of corporate greed.”

The liberal media is the enemy of the good that is America, when we destroy their lockhold on our society we will not only defeat socialism/communism/Marxism/statism we also defeat the Democrat Party of which is made up of the aforementioned ideologies.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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