So Are We Going To Let The Media Pick Our Candidate?


I have been a Cain supporter since the beginning of this primary season, and while he and I have an issue over Public Unions I still support him because I want no more politicians, period. I as well could support everyone else and if I had to, Romney, though I will be dragged kicking and screaming to the voting booth. The bottom line is that Barack Hussein Obama and each and every one of those Democrats in the Senate who are up must be fired. America is not a socialist Country, it never was and never will be, it is not in our genes. The Democrats try to trick the people over and over with their different ideological names, from liberals to this era of “progressive’s”. If you look up Obama or Hillary or any one of the Democrats coming up on November of 2012 you will find them calling themselves progressives, that is not acceptable in this Country. What I will not allow to happen and nor should you is the media wing of the Democrat Party dictating to you who should or should not be our candidate. The Republican primary has been an attack against each candidate that has risen to the top, all except Mitt Romney. They don’t attack Mitt Romney because they can work with his progressive side. If you think he isn’t a progressive go look up his record of “social justice” votes, you will see it too.

Newt Gingrich is now ahead in the polls and the media wing of the Democrat Party has been working overtime to take him down this week, they don’t get that we know all about Newt. We know that he like thousands before him left public office and went about trying to get rich off his knowledge, and if any of you think you wouldn’t have done the same, you aren’t being honest with yourself. The bottom line on Newt is, he is brilliant, he has made stupid decisions in his quest for cash and he is now admitting to that, that is fine with me, I hope it is for you as well. I will be on the Cain train until he wins or disembarks the station, however I have had more then enough of the media attacks on all of the candidates who are not Mitt Romney Meghan McCain Mocking Anyone Is Hypocrisy At Its Worst

MEGHAN MCCAIN: You know, it’s really sad to see the primary process turn into this, this kind of anything but Romney scenario that’s happening.

JAY LENO, HOST: Yeah, because Newt Gingrich was just out of it, and now he seems to be rising.


LENO: And well hot air balloons do that, but yeah. That’s my joke.

Jay Leno has done his work for the Democrats as well, knocking President Bush and taking down our candidates, while slavishly kissing the ring of Obama and Democrats. I don’t care what Leno, or Letterman or Stewart says about any of our candidates anymore, I think we all know how they vote when they go in the booth and it will never be for a conservative. There may not be a conservative in this race at the end of the primary season but there will not be a Barack Obama in the White House after January 2013 either, because We The People don’t do socialism/Marxism/statism/liberalism/communism. America was softwalked into policies created by those ideologies, but we are damn well awake now.

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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy
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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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November 19, 2011 9:12 pm

I am so glad your title has that question. The answer is not only NO but HELL NO. Not one vote has been cast, and yet the media and the DC establishment are trying to call it a done deal. It is no where near a done deal because not one candidate has closed the deal yet. I also resent the meme that the only choices are between Gingrich and Romney. Have the other candidates dropped out? No they have not. Unless Perry, Cain, Bachmann, and Santorum have ALL ended their campaign I would not even begin to consider my… Read more »

redneck hippie
November 20, 2011 6:03 pm

Pil & Jaded- Right on. This redneck refuses to follow lemmings over the cliff in the primary. What happens after the nomination is another story, and to stay home is worse than lunacy. The donks are the ones who invariably nominate / elect the smoothest talking fib-machines (cough! Clinton) (cough! Obama). I truly do not believe our side will do that. Worst of all would be to listen to the siren song of the elites and media telling us our choices are unelectable. Hog wash. Moderates are not in the majority and the sooner people wake up & assert our… Read more »