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House GOP announces *WhipCast* a smartphone app to track votes on the House floor

“Hey, there’s an app for that.” From the House committee who introduced GOPLabs and America Speaking out comes WhipCast.

I had the pleasure of being on a conference call today with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). They have created and introduced a smartphone application called “Whipcast” which will track in real time key votes in the House.

WhipCast is a revolutionary new app that gives Members of Congress, their staff and the American public a new and easy way to get real-time updates about what’s going on in Congress. Downloading this first-of-its-kind app is fast, easy and free, and can be used on almost any mobile device. All you have to do is go to the app store on your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android device and type in ‘WhipCast,’ or, just click on the link of the device you’re using right here and it will take you straight to the store to download: iPad, iPhone , Blackberry and Android.

Below is a short video explaining the application:

Below are the links to download to the various smartphones:

The idea behind this application is to make Congress more transparent and accessible for every American. The user will be able to keep track of legislation in the House which is important to the individual user and obtain critical updates and alerts from key Congressional leadership offices. There is no charge for the application.

There have been 28 thousand downloads of this app in the first 24 hours and I am one of those people who has successfully downloaded it on my Blackberry.

Rep. McCarthy joked that President Obama should be the first person to use it.

Check it out everyone, and pass the word around. This is a great way for the American public to *track Congress* right at their fingertips.

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