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Shots Fired at White House

The White House has been hit by rifle fire several times between November 11 and 16. Last Friday night on Veteran’s Day 11/11/11 at about 9:30PM, someone fired several rifle shots at the White House. And on November 16 several bullets were found, at least one between the historic exterior glass of a White House window and the ballistic glass on the inside, and at least one other bullet on the White House Lawn.

The local NBC station describes the Friday incident:

The investigation started after an incident on November 11, when gunshots were heard near the White House. The Secret Service has not yet conclusively connected Friday’s incident with the bullets found on White House grounds.

The Secret Service, Park Police, D.C. police and Arlington police all responded to the reported shooting at 9:30 p.m. on Friday night. Investigators found an assault rifle in a car abandoned near the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge. It was not an AK-47, as suggested in previous reports, and the owner of the gun is unknown at this time.

Evidence from the car linked it to 21-year-old Oscar Ortega-Hernandez. [Source: NBC]

The same article mentions that Ortega has a criminal record for offenses including drugs, resisting arrest, and assault of a police officer, came to DC several weeks ago, and has been spending some of his time at Occupy DC. Furthermore, the police stopped and questioned Ortega on Friday and released him. Apparently he was remarkable enough to the police that they stopped him before the shots were fired at the White House, because there is no way they would have released him afterwards, even if he were an Occupy DC protestor.

WJLA describes Ortega.

Ortega is described as a white Hispanic man, 5-foot-11, 160 pounds, with a medium build, brown eyes and black hair.

On his right hand, he has three tattoos of dots. On his upper back, he has a tattoo spelling “Ortega;” on his right chest he has tattooed rosary beads and hands clasped in prayer; on his left chest, folded hand; on the left side of his neck the word “Israel.” [Source: WJLA]

Ortega should be considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, call the police.


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