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Who Is Sally Kohn?

Sally Kohn

Sally Kohn is a lesbian community organizer.  She formerly worked at the Center for Community Change and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute.  You probably have seen her on TV a lot lately because Sally supports the Occupy Wall Street movement, and because she is a lesbian community organizer.

Sally is smarter than you or I.  You can tell it by that smirking “I’m smarter than anybody on the set” look you see on her face when she is a guest on one of the talk shows.  She is a guest on the talk shows lately because she is a lesbian community organizer, and did we mention she supports the Occupy Wall Street movement?

That look on Sally’s face,  the smirking “I know better than you because I’m 34 and a lesbian community organizer” look, reminds you a lot of Rachel Maddow.  In fact, if you didn’t see her name in the header at the bottom of the screen  you could swear it’s Rachel – same haircut, same wardrobe, same “I’m a lesbian community organizer” smirk.”

Sally is smart because, in addition to being a lesbian community organizer, she went to NYU and studied psychology and something to do with law.  Rachel, we think, is probably smarter because, while also being a lesbian community organizer, she has her doctorate degree.  Rachel started out in the TV business by being a guest commentator, her bona fides as a qualified commentator being, of course, that she was a lesbian community organizer, and having been a personality on the wildly successful radio network Air America,  and, of course, the fact that  she smirks.

In addition to appearing on MSDNC, Sally has begun appearing on Fox News as a guest commentator, because of her valuable insights as a lesbian community organizer and a supporter of OWS.  Fox News has been under the gun recently for not nabbing top notch talent.  They lost Rachel and Al Sharpton to MSDNC, and of course Eliot Spitzer to CNN.  They recently tried to make up for it by bringing on board the fidelity-challenged Mark Sanford, former South Carolina community organizer.  But for sheer smirkiness and lesbian community organizing ability, they probably are eyeing Sally Kohn really hard.  Look for her appearances on the network to increase in the weeks and months ahead, because she really brings a lot to the table in the way of support for radical causes, being a lesbian, community organizing and, of course, smirkiness.

Someday Sally will have her own show on Fox and the transformation of the network from ‘fair and balanced’ to ‘scared shiftless of the PC police’ will be complete.  But at least Sally is not at all amoral.  She does have ‘family values’.  She and her partner, Sarah Hansen, have a three-year-old daughter.  It is unclear which one impregnated the other to produce a child but we are pretty sure it was not rape.  Sally’s mother, according to her bio, started Sally out on her lesbian community organizing lifelong vocation when Sally was a teenager by focusing on domestic violence, so she probably is against rape and other violence ………..except…….she supports the Occupy Wall Street movement.  As we mentioned, she is really smart …….except……she supports the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  She knows how to get money and make a living shaking down corporations and foundations and news organizations, so she knows where the butter for the bread comes from ……except……she supports the Occupy Wall Street movement.

We wish Sally well, as we do all the lesbian community organizers all over America struggling to break through that glass ceiling and bring their unqualified smartness, lesbianism, community organizing talents,  and smirkiness, to the deserving media outlets who will be fortunate  to realize talent when they see it.  Chelsea Clinton , of course, bypassed the whole lesbianism and community organizing apprenticeship and went straight to the top of The Rock.  Privilege, you know.  Ah, journalism!


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