Rick Perry Does the Top 10 on Letterman


Alright, already. Governor Rick Perry had a bad flub in the Wednesday night CNBC debate. People called it brutal and hard to watch. . . and it was. What it wasn’t, was the end of the Perry candidacy for the GOP nomination. Sorry, Reince. Maybe soon but I don’t think so.

Since the brain poot, Perry has shown a remarkable resilence to kid about his bad moment. It has made him seem more “human” and less cocky. Good.

Perry soldiered on Thursday by appearing on The Letterman Show to give the top ten list of his own excuses for his forgetful moment. Take a look:

Yeah, Rick Perry lives to fight another day.

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Queen Hotchibobo
November 11, 2011 1:49 am

Now that sucker is a good sport. I’m still proud to be a Perry supporter.

E Pluribus Unum
November 11, 2011 7:06 pm

Wow, yes quite a good sport, and I think that shows quite alot about Perry. Imagine Obama being able to laugh at himself reeling off a top-ten list created by Republicans (you guys do know Letterman’s very strong leanings, right?). Captain Bambi would just wet all over himself, he’d be so mad.

As usual with Letterman, #10 was the best, and #1 was the dumbest. #2 was pretty awesome, though.