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Uhhmm, Shouldn’t that Be “Holiday Tree” Tax?

I wasn’t surprised that Obama and his minions would a find a $0.15 tax worthwhile, the Democrats love for taxes knows no bounds. But “The Christmas Tree Tax?” Really? The Department of Agriculture wants to help the Christmas Tree Industry? How about just asking your fellow leftists to lay off the Christmas/Nativity Scene/Religious Holiday bitching? Of course their bitching is always followed by suing; the only thing leftists love more than taxes. Besides, one of the rules of industry is that if you want to help sell something you have to get the government to tax it, people just love that.

I’m sure the Menorah tax is on the drawing board. Moose Limbs will be safe until Obama and the Left figure out how to tax fasting and/or suicide bombers.

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Update, via Drudge:

? If it is not a tax, or a fee imposed by USDA, but is a voluntary thing among the growers’ association, *then why does the USDA have anything to do with it?*
Did we mention that the USDA is conducting homosexual sensitivity training and offering its program as a model to all other federal departments? Did we mention that the USDA is cutting checks worth billions to African Americans who say they uised to dream about farming when they were kids?