Ohio has the glass *half full* in Election 2011


As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

For the last 10 months Ohio has been embroiled in a “no holds barred” fight with the unions, Dems, progressive and other sundry assortments of Leftist groups who have been trained in “Chicago-style” politics.

Now-Republican Governor John Kasich campaigned on the premise he would balance Ohio’s budget, rein in the unions to a certain extent without over-reaching, and reward teachers and other public union employees for a “job well done” without compromising the health, well being or safety of Ohio citizens.

One of the two major statewide ballot initiatives, both brought by referendum, was the repeal of Kasich’s SB5, which was Issue #2 on the ballot. A “yes” vote would keep SB5, a “no vote” would overturn it. SB5 was styled somewhat like Scott Walker’s bill in Wisconsin, but wasn’t nearly as dramatic. It mandated public union employees to pay a certain amount for their healthcare and toward their pensions. It limited collective bargaining. The savings would allow Ohio to help balance the budget for the first time in many years. At the end of former Dem Gov. Ted Strickland’s term, who was voted out of office in 2010, that deficit was about $8 billion. Kasich with the leadership of the Republican-controlled Ohio General Assembly passed a balanced budget. SB5 was also passed.

But as expected the unions, OFA, Obama and all the progressive organizations poured an estimated $40 million into this state to defeat Issue #2. That money was used to run misleading ads to the public, for example an elderly woman saying her house would burn down, or the police wouldn’t respond if Issue #2 was passed. It also was used for a multi-faceted GOTV effort for the Left. “Dirty, un-sexy politics” became the lifestyle of Ohioans.

But during the heated debate surrounding Issue #2 in this state, things got so bad it pulled Tea Parties apart. Conservatives who were members of Tea Parties, but also happened to be public employees, quit Tea Parties en masse when they supported the passage of Issue #2.

Issue #2 went down to defeat by a wide margin. Almost 2-1. The actual numbers don’t matter, but the percentages never changed the entire evening from the minute the election results started pouring in. For those of you who have to have concrete numbers, here is where you can look.

Also on the ballot was a referendum brought by Conservative groups, mainly the Tea Parties, Issue #3: the ability to opt out of the mandated portion of Obamacare. A “yes vote” would pass Issue 3, a “no vote” would not pass it.

Issue #3, on the other hand, passed by almost the same margin: 2-1. This was a real mandate to repeal Obamacare which will set the stage for the rest of the states to fall in line.

However, in reading the MSM reporting of the Ohio election results, one doesn’t see a mention of the passage of Issue #3: only the smirking satisfaction of the Left telling the rest of the nation the defeat of Issue #2 was a “repudiation of Governor John Kasich” or a “blow to the Ohio GOP.” Take your pick. Ohio Democratic Party Chair Chris Redfern who led the charge, has even gone so far as to say that “Kasich thought he knew more than anyone else.” FYI the Dems and unions are partying tonight in a downtown Columbus hotel.

I was with a group of my local Tea Partiers at a restaurant tonight watching the election results. We had all worked so very hard the last months to pass both of these issues. Yea, we felt like crying when we saw #2 going down. But we were pumping our fists in the air as we saw Issue #3, the “repudiation of Obamacare” being passed by the same wide margin as Issue 2 was being defeated.

We had a 50% win tonight. In the scheme of things, the glass is half full. Not half empty.

We are Conservatives. This won’t stop us. It will just make us work harder.

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Kenny Martsolf
November 8, 2011 11:08 pm

Well said, LIO. I saw Strickland on Greta talking about how proud he was of Ohio over Issue 2. When she brought up Issue 3, he tried his best to spin it. I was kind of hoping to never see his face again.

November 9, 2011 6:19 am

Ohio citizens have done this to themselves, so to some extent they deserve it. The lesson Here is knowing why they voted Issue 2 down by the same margin they vote Issue 3.

November 9, 2011 9:40 am

Ohio just voted to become Illinois. Gov Quinn’s tax increases have left us pondering exemptions (waivers, anyone?) to convince the few remaining employers to remain here. Good luck with that!

November 9, 2011 8:54 pm

“Conservatives who were members of Tea Parties, but also happened to be public employees, quit Tea Parties en masse when they supported the passage of Issue #2.” Without principles, their fates are sealed. This really is bothersome. This quote above states one of the more serious issues we have; that of recognizing the need to fix something as long as it doesn’t affect me. In other words, I’m a Tea Party conservative as long as you don’t make me pay my own way. That’s at least how I take this. In my mind, that makes them a progressive conservative otherwise… Read more »