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Gov. Jerry Brown commits “frackicide”

In the offbeat career of Jerry Brown, I guess there are no surprises and no telling what is inside that head of his. H/t to Kenny Solomon, Brown fired his two top energy gurus and replaced them with an ultra-progressive *greenie.*

According to the LA Times Derek Chernow, acting director of the California Dept. of Conservation and Elena Miller, head of the division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources were suddenly let go. Both were appointed by former Gov. Schwarzenegger. The excuse was the slow-walking of permits for oil and natural gas hydro-fracking, which fell 90% since Obama took office and the jog-killing EPA regs started coming out in full force.

Chernow’s resume shows he is definitely sympathetic to the *greenies.” You can read his employment timeline here.

But what is difficult to understand and contemplate (or maybe not, considering) is who Brown choose for their replacement: one Clifford Rechtschaffen, the director of the Environmental Law Program at Golden Gate University. That one’s a red flag right there. One blogger even labels this situation as “Brown commits frackicide.”

Let’s take a look at Rechtschaffen. He is involved with the Center for Progressive reform.

Clifford Rechtschaffen is a former Member Scholar of the Center for Progressive Reform. He is Professor and Director of the Environmental Law Program at Golden Gate University School of Law, and is also Co-Director of Golden Gate’s Environmental Law and Justice Clinic. Golden Gate’s environmental law program has been ranked among the top 20 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report in two of the past four years. He is currently on academic leave, while serving as Special Assistant to the California Attorney General on Climate Change.

Brown appoints a progressive *enviromentalist/greenie* to take the place of the other two. Oh, and Rechtschaffen has written a book. Several. One is available on Amazon, Environmental Justice.
Take a look at the summary below:

Environmental justice is a significant and dynamic contemporary development in environmental law. Rechtschaffen, Gauna and new coauthor O’Neill provide an accessible compilation of interdisciplinary materials for studying environmental justice, interspersed with extensive notes, questions, and a teacher’s manual with practice exercises designed to facilitate classroom discussion. It integrates excerpts from empirical studies, cases, agency decisions, informal agency guidance, law reviews, and other academic literature, as well as community- generated documents. This second edition includes new chapters addressing climate change, international environmental justice, and a capstone case study. It also adds expanded coverage of risk and the public health, empirical environmental justice research, and environmental justice for American Indian peoples.

I’m not sure what is more baffling here: that Brown commits “frackicide” either intentionally or by being clueless as this guy will most certainly just keep in place or institute more regs and more job-killing policies in the energy industry when the country certainly can’t afford it. Or that Catherine Reheis-Boyd, president of the Western States Petroleum Assn., applauded Brown’s actions. Not sure what you are thinking there, Catherine.

Obama, EPA, Lisa Jackson, Ken Salazar. You would all be proud. And to all Californians and MSM of course, this one seemed to be slipped quietly under the radar.

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