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Friends and Enemies, Foreign and Domestic


I always have to (figuratively) hang my head in shame when I hear the likes of a Mark Steyn or a Daniel Hannan chastising America for its long, slow but sure slide into Socialist dystopia.  Foreigners who understand what America has meant to not only Americans, but the world at large, the transplanted Canadian Steyn is a columnist and guest on talk shows and guest host on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program, and British Member of Parliament Hannan often writes op-ed pieces in major publications and appears on Fox News shows.  These gentlemen often speak of the greatness of America with an insight and a passion reminiscent of some of the old time patriots and politicians that used to stir us and sustain us.  And they appeal from the heart for us to wake up.  God, how we long for an American to take up that clarion call.

Another side to the same coin is those foreigners, in addition to Steyn and Hannan, who mock and ridicule us, not for abandoning our democratic republican principles in favor of Earth-worshipping and wealth redistribution, but for our abject stupidity in  matters of foreign policy, war and peace and standing up to evil.  How bad is it when the Afghanis, the Afghanis, chide us for our appeasement of terrorists and those who support terrorism?

A group of senior Afghan lawmakers says the Obama administration is wasting its time in trying to make peace with the Haqqani Network, a Pakistan-based terrorist group U.S. officials have accused of killing Americans and attacking the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan.

In congressional testimony late last month, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton defended the Obama administration’s strategy of “fight, talk and build” while dealing with the terrorists. She said part of the reason for the administration’s approach is to test whether the terrorist groups “have any willingness to negotiate in good faith.”

Dear God in Heaven. The woman wants to test whether the terrorist groups have any willingness to negotiate in good faith. Maybe she could ask them to put on uniforms and sign the Geneva convention, while she’s at it.

From the beginning of the reign of Obama the First, and only, it has been one huge embarassment after another, from the Middle East apology tour, to his bowing to kings, princes and dictators, to his ridiculous attempt to apologize for America’s  ending the Second World War (the Japanese looked at him like “Are you nuts!  Hiroshima was 65 years ago.  We want nuclear weapons to fight off the Reds!  Shut up!”) to  snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq.  And in matters of the global economy, note his sending his minions overseas to try to get them to emulate the monetary policies his buffoons have implemented here in the States – print a ton of money and shovel it out the door to un-shovelready projects, thus supposedly stimulating the unstimulatable non-working class .  Tim Geithner has been laughed out of Europe, as well as China.  He is the Lou Costello to Obama’s Bud Abbott.  We are too ashamed to even mention the name of the Vice President.

Returning to his  Secretary of State, she of the ‘Reset Button with Russia’ and ‘Assad is a reformer’ fame, she sits over there in Libya and yuks it up about Ghaddafy being gone and frets over whether terrorists will be reasonable in Pakistan, while Al Quaida flags are fluttering in the breeze over Benghazi.  “al Megrahi?  al Megrahi?  Who’s that?  Oh, yeah, you terr , uh, National Council guys, ask him to come have tea with us at the embassy, won’t you?”

Not  going to wade too far into the most recent attempt at a high-tech lynching of a black conservative by the Punk Press and the Punk Democrat Party, except to note that  it’s not even high-tech.  It’s a ham-handed scooping up of feces out of the gutter and splattering them all over the participants in our electoral politics.  It’s a sorry, disgusting, asinine, juvenile spectacle ranking right up there with the antics of the French and the Italians.  We used to be better than that.  And our National Leadership says nothing, plays golf, and goes to Lady GaGa concerts.  What a rich culture we have.

The answer to the malaise we find ourselves in these days, the thing that will restore the America that the Steyns and the Hannans of the world so long to see is found in one sweet word – victory.  No, Madame Secretary (we cringe at calling that harridan ‘Madame’), your “fight,talk and build” won’t win the war.  It’s fight, fight and fight some more til we WIN.  When we get a President and  some military commanders and foreign service professionals who understand that, we WILL win. And on the home front, for those who don’t seem to get what all the fuss about “RINO’s” is over,  it’s about the nincompoops reaching across the aisle to be tickled by the Democrats’ fancy that’s keeping victory out of our grasp.  When WE win, America will win, but not until.  So if it ‘feels good’, don’t do it!  Fight them!  Across the aisle, in the aisle, in the Rotunda, on the capitol steps, in legislatures and townhall meetings and on campuses all across the land – fight them!

The Ship of State can be righted, but in addition to the good intentions of the emerging conservative political class, there needs to be a national dialogue on such things as American exceptionalism, recognition of excellence and virtue and worth, and holding to the rule of law and the Constitutional Order.  This national dialogue has to include history lessons, and not just for the youth.  American history, American success and American exceptionalism, and American triumph, in matters foreign and matters domestic, has to be relearned and put back into practice. Even some foreigners, like Hannan and Steyn, know this is so.



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