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Above Post Update AP is calling a defeat of Issue 2 in Ohio. With 18 percent of precincts in No on Issue 2 was recieving 63% of the vote. This is a huge blow to Governor Kasich and the taxpayers of Ohio.

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Voters took to the ballot box today, and some high profile results will be coming in this evening. You can follow Ohio’s Issue 2 and Issue 3 incoming results here.

Virginia state Senate results can be found here.

Mississippi’s Prop 26 which defines life as beginning at conception, results can be found here.

UPDATE: I found another site for Ohio results that seems to be updating a little faster. Columbus Dispatch election results here. Things aren’t looking good for Issue 2. With six percent of precincts reporting, it is being defeated 373,296 votes to 209,448 votes. It’s not all bad news from Ohio, though. Issue 3 is currently winning 359,410 votes to 207,446 votes with 6% of precincts reporting.

UPDATE 2: Results for the recall of AZ state Sen. Russell Pearce can be found here. Results for Phoenix mayoral and city council elections (Wes Gullett, Eric Frederick and Brenda Sperduti are the three Republicans in this non-partisan runoff election) can be found here. Polls close in Arizona at 8:00 Mountain Time (10:00 P.M. EST). H/T to ColdWarrior for the AZ links.

UPDATE 3: Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (D) easily won reelection over Republican challenger David Williams.

UPDATE 4: Ohio Issue 3 which exempts residents of Ohio from Obamacare has been called by the AP. Ohio has resoundingly rejected Obamacare, while caving to the union propaganda campaign and rejecting SB5.

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November 8, 2011 9:33 pm

Kentucky folded. Governor – General November 08, 2011 – 09:24PM ET Kentucky – 3446 of 3578 Precincts Reporting – 96% Name Party Votes Vote % Beshear , Steven (i) Dem 445,990 56% Williams , David GOP 279,310 35% Galbraith , Gatewood Ind 72,768 9% Treasurer – General November 08, 2011 – 09:24PM ET Kentucky – 3446 of 3578 Precincts Reporting – 96% Name Party Votes Vote % Hollenbach , Todd (i) Dem 378,657 49% Crosbie , K.C. GOP 358,399 46% Moellman , Kenneth Lib 36,137 5% Agriculture Commissioner – General November 08, 2011 – 09:24PM ET Kentucky – 3446 of… Read more »

November 9, 2011 6:19 am

Good report KM:
Ohio citizens have done this to themselves, so to some extent they deserve it. The lesson Here is knowing why they voted Issue 2 down by the same margin they vote Issue 3.