Why Are These Guys the GOP Leaders? Part 2


This is part 2 of a recent column, Why Are These Guys the GOP Leadership?. There are consequences of committee assignments and policy that emanate from those who are elected to GOP leadership positions. Simply put, if those who are not conservative become leaders don’t expect them to lead conservatively. The Democrats are choosing the most liberal to be their leaders. They are not picking members like Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, Dan Boren, and Mike Ross. The Democrats have not chosen conservative Democrats for leadership positions since the 1960’s, when Mike Mansfield was Senate Majority Leader and John McCormack was Speaker of the House.

I took the liberty of simplifying the grades that members of the House and Senate received from Heritage Action for America. From a column by Ramesh Ponnuru, Action Report, there is no conservative group more disliked by House Republicans than Heritage Action for America. They are unapologetically tough graders.   A letter grade is provided for GOP members of the House and Senate using a typical letter grade scale:

  • 90-100% = A
  • 80-89% = B
  • 70-79% = C
  • 60-69% = D
  • 0-59% = F

Below is a table displaying the letter grade scores for GOP members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

State Member Grade
TX-5 Jeb Hensarling, Co-Chair B
PA Pat Toomey B
AZ Jon Kyl C
OH Rob Portman D
MI-4 Dave Camp F
MI-6 Fred Upton F

This next table displays the letter grade scores for GOP members of the US House Leadership and Committee Chairmen.

State Member Grade
VA-7 Majority Leader: Eric Cantor D
CA-22 Majority Whip: Kevin McCarthy D
IL-6 Majority Chief Deputy Whip: Peter Roskam D
TX-5 Conference Chair: Jeb Hensarling B
TX-32 Campaign Committee Chairman: Pete Sessions C
GA-6 Policy Committee Chairman: Tom Price C
WA-5 Conference Vice-Chair: Cathy McMorris Rodgers D
TX-31 Conference Secretary: John Carter D
MI-4 Ways and Means Committee: Dave Camp F
KY-5 Appropriations Committee: Hal Rogers F
CA-25 Armed Services Committee: Buck McKeon F
WI-1 Budget Committee: Paul Ryan C
CA-26 Rules Committee: David Dreier F
NY-3 Homeland Security Committee: Peter King F
MI-8 Intelligence Committee: Mike Rogers D
MN-2 Education and Labor Committee: John Kline D
MI-6 Energy Committee: Fred Upton F
CA-49 Oversight Committee: Darell Issa C
WA-4 Natural Resources Committee: Doc Hastings F
OK-3 Agriculture Committee: Frank Lucas F
FL-7 Transportation Committee: John Mica D
FL-18 Foreign Affairs Committee: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen F
AL-6 Finance Committee: Spencer Bachus D
AL-1 Ethics Committee: Jo Bonner F
MO-6 Small Business Committee: Sam Graves D
TX-4 Science Committee: Ralph Hall D
TX-21 Judiciary Committee: Lamar Smith F
FL-1 Veterans’ Affairs Committee: Jeff Miller A
CA-3 Administration Committee: Dan Lungren F

The next table displays the letter grade scores for GOP members of the US Senate GOP Leaders and Committee Ranking Member.

State Member Grade
KY Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell C
AZ Minority Whip: Jon Kyl C
TN GOP Conference Chair: Lamar Alexander D
SD GOP Policy Committee Chair: John Thune C
KS Agriculture: Pat Roberts D
MS Appropriations: Thad Cochran D
AZ Armed Services: John McCain C
AL Banking: Richard Shelby C
AL Budget: Jeff Sessions C
AK Energy: Lisa Murkowski F
WY Education and Labor: Mike Enzi C
OK Environment: Jim Inhofe B
GA Ethics: Johnny Isakson D
UT Finance: Orrin Hatch A
IN Foreign Relations: Dick Lugar C
ME Homeland Security: Susan Collins F
GA Intelligence: Saxby Chambliss C
WY Indian Affairs: John Barasso C
IA Judiciary: Chuck Grassley B
TN Rules and Administration: Lamar Alexander D
ME Small Business: Olympia Snowe F
TX Transportation: Kay Bailey Hutchison C
NC Veterans’ Affairs: Richard Burr C

While the Senate GOP have only 4 members with an F compared to the 75 in the House with an F, three of those four are the ranking member on the Senate committee. Both The House and the Senate have only one member with an A in the leadership. Below is the last table showing what I call, “the A Team.” More than just two of these should be chosen next time for leadership and chairmanship.

State Member Grade
AZ-2 Trent Franks A
AZ-5 David Schweikert A
AZ-6 Jeff Flake A
CA-40 Ed Royce A
CO-5 Doug Lamborn A
FL Marco Rubio A
FL-1 Jeff Miller A
FL-14 Connie Mack A
GA-9 Tom Graves A
GA-10 Paul Braun A
IL-8 Joe Walsh A
IN-5 Dan Burton A
KS-1 Tim Huelskamp A
KY Rand Paul A
MI-3 Justin Amash A
MN-6 Michele Bachmann A
NJ-5 Scott Garrett A
OH-4 Jim Jordan A
OK Tom Coburn A
SC Jim DeMint A
SC-2 Joe Wilson A
SC-3 Jeff Duncan A
SC-4 Trey Gowdy A
SC-5 Mick Mulvaney A
TX-1 Louie Gohmert A
UT Mike Lee A
UT Orrin Hatch A
UT-3 Jason Chaffetz A
WI Ron Johnson A


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Mike gamecock DeVine
November 7, 2011 3:57 pm

Amazing report Pilgrim…even seems inspired somehow….more later

E Pluribus Unum
November 7, 2011 7:27 pm

This is just sickening. Not terribly surprising, just sickening. I took a quick look at our freshman class – you know, the class that campaigned on going up there and changing stuff? Out of 87 freshmen in the House: A – 7 (including 3 from God-Bless-South-Caroline) B – 17 C – 22 D – 19 F – 22 [worth noting, the Senate freshman class was actually outstanding, thank you Rubio, Lee, Johnson (WI), and Rand Paul] I realize that Heritage grades tough; that some of the freshmen were not in fact “tea party” type candidates; that many were fooled and… Read more »