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I call BS – smelly squatters claim to have moved the banking mountain by 650k customers and $4.5B

So far, the various #OWS have done nothing except make huge messes, kill, rape, and rob their own, and grab desperately loud media headlines that nobody reads. They’ve been quick to take credit for all sorts of history-making events that happened during their siege of stink:

  • Causing the Cards to win the World Series on a blown save by Feliz.
  • Killing Ghaddafi
  • Ending Daylight Savings Time(I wish!)
  • Increasing the average IQ and lowering carbon emissions of every city and neighborhood they came from (you’ll laugh in 3….2….1….)

Now they are taking credit for another thing, according to The Blaze. To put this little newsy tidbit in it’s proper place in the spectrum of credible journalism, it goes like this.

  • Stories that are true, that show Democrats or the Left or unions or radical Islam in a bad light, or Republicans or conservatives or soldiers or America in a good light, go unreported.
  • Washington Post faithfully reports their one-sided stories, with a generous smattering of innuendos, lies, and Left-bias. They cover important stuff like the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor, but not on trivial stuff like 11.2% unemployment (the real number) or the mounting Obama debt. The story is too scandalous, unsupportable, and indefensible? Pass it down to wholly owned subsidiary ….
  • Politico. The attempted political lynching of Herman “how’s that working out for ya” Cain is a Politico project. Too scurrilous even for Politico? Then kick it down to….
  • The Daily Beast, aka Newsweek. Not even a shred of truth? Now it falls to the very basement….
  • The Blaze.

This claim comes from the Blaze. Among the many French Revolution-style ideas fronted by this bunch of scholars was the one where they tell everybody to close their bank accounts and open an account in a credit union, by November 5. Banks bad, credit unions good, you see. I guess because they have the word “union” in there, I don’t know. A stunning success, according to the Blaze:

Bank Transfer Day, the movement that urged bank customers to close their accounts and instead deposit funds in credit unions on or before November 5, led to at least 650,000 new credit union members and a total of $4.5 billion in new deposits, according to the Credit Union National Association.

OK, really? 650,000 new CU members that they can take credit for due to those smelly squatters?

No way in hell. Not a chance. They are saying, take the monthly norm for opening new accounts, and this last month spiked over the average by 650K?, and banks took a net -650k enrollment from whatever their monthly norm is? uh huh.

Only the press cares about those people, and their so-called grievances in general are getting no play. While many Americans might be inclined to sympathize with a point or two or their arguments, we are talking about an act (close account A, open account B at another institution) that is a very assertive move, that requires you to take a couple of daytime hours and a bunch of paperwork to do. That is way more trouble than signing onto a petition drive, or even participate in a boycott (which people won’t bother to do either). Most people won’t even look you in the eye on the sidewalk or in the office hallway. That’s how bold and assertive they are. So they’re gonna take time off from work, go into a bank and close their account, because….because….why exactly? Because some smelly trust-fund new-era hippies are squatting at Wall Street demanding that our free-market system shoot itself in the head?

Please. OK, Blaze, you are telling me that 650,000 people in one month went to the bank and CLOSED THEIR ACCOUNTS in support of a bunch of preppies and rent-a-thugs that nobody notices, based upon some flimsy charge against banks as opposed to credit unions? Really?

In the real world, nobody ANYWHERE can persuade a significant number of Americans to even boycott effectively against McDonalds, Disney, GM-Chrysler (or Ford or Toyota), strip-clubs, abortion, or even unions, anti-unions, line-crossers, fur coats, movie smut, smokers, Proctor & Gamble (moon + stars = devil worship, remember that one?). Americans just don’t get themselves all worked up to hate some institution, even truly vile ones like General Electric or Government Motors. And in today’s climate where the standard media outlets are looked upon with more and more skepticism every day…… nah, I am just not seeing it.

I refuse to believe, and I don’t care how much math is thrown at me, that these smelly buggers have caused a change in banking accounts to a magnitude anything like that.

OK. Blaze. Your turn. Show me the money. Or the data. Or even, you know, a chatty anonymous source with data. That always works for Politico.

E Pluribus Unum
The weapons had evolved, but our orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one. A most successful campaign. Perhaps too successful. For those like me, a Death Dealer, this signaled the end of an era. Like the weapons of the previous century, we, too, would become obsolete. Pity, because I lived for it.


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