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Gimme that Old Time Religion


There was a time in the world when such eminences as Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Rabbinical leaders……Archbishops of Canterbury ……. prelates of various high office and influence everywhere, not only tended to their flocks, but also studied, thought, bloviated and wrote with a, shall we say, learned and professional approach to their offerings to the world.  They could put thoughts and sentences together, and whether the world agreed or not, at least they weren’t glaringly and maddeningly self-contradictory, non-sequiturish and dismissive of sin, whether original or newly-contrived.

A day after St. Paul’s Cathedral suspended legal action to evict hundreds of anti-capitalist protesters camped outside its doors, the Most Rev. Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury and the spiritual leader of the world’s Anglicans, was quoted on Wednesday as expressing sympathy for their cause.

“There is still a powerful sense around — fair or not — of a whole society paying for the errors and irresponsibility of bankers; of messages not getting through; of impatience with a return to ‘business as usual’ — represented by still soaring bonuses and little visible change in banking practices,” he said in an article published in The Financial Times.


Of course, appearing in the New York Times is not the same thing as delivering a papal bull or writing a great theological, ecclesiastical or ecumenical treatise.  But does  “There is still a powerful sense around”  give a lot of weight and gravitas to a pseudo-religious, quasi-political  viewpoint?   Yes, Most Rev. Williams, there are a lot of ‘powerful senses’ around out there.  The really telling part, though, is where he qualifies the sense with “fair or not” –  and then proceeds to ignore whether it is ‘fair’ or not and declaim that the rich are greedy, banks are evil, and hooligans are to be catered to, because they have a “powerful sense”, we presume.   Unbelievable logic and willing suspension of disbelief, to quote another famous liberal.

How long do you have to go to seminary, or stand in the pulpit,   or closet yourself with yourself and pray over these matters until you are so eminently and brilliantly enlighted to state such incongruous balderdash?  For those of you who bemoan the ‘dumbing down’ of America, broaden your horizons.  It extends across the globe and to all spheres of human existence and pretended religious teaching..

We are not here criticizing a particular sect on a whim.  The radicalization and ninnification, and co-option by the forces of the Left Wing, extend to many branches of The One True Church, whatever that is…..or was.  And we have heard the Reverend Pat Robertson also come out with some pretty off-the-wall ramblings  lately, so foolish comments are not limited to the liberal side of the aisle.  It is the unthinking, get into the limelight and stir-the-pot preaching that is unbecoming of the world’s religious icons today, mainly because it doesn’t have much to do with saving souls anymore.

In fact, if we really, really thought about it, it might have more to do with selling their souls for some temporal expediency – keeping their access to the New York Times, Big Government and other halls of power open – than anything else.  After all, what heavenly reason could the Episcopalians have had for elevating an unrepentant sinner to the topmost spot in their order?  Bishop Robinson, recently having stepped down from the top post, is now…..wait for it …..a senior fellow at the ….Center for American Progress.  And he is heeding the greed right up there with the whole international socialist and communist movements:

“One-sixth of all the words Jesus spoke, and one-third of all the parables, are about the dangers of wealth and possessions.”

So Bishop Robinson, you flaming ……..liberal……… we should take from the one percent and give to the 99 percent so the rich won’t be burdened with all that wealth and property and will be more likely to see Paradise and the 99%, having more wealth and property will be more likely to ……………………..

Pause with us for a moment and ask yourself if, in the grand scheme of things,  much personal, spiritual or other concern would be exhibited in places like – Sub-Saharan Africa, indigenous communities in South America, or even, for God’s sake, in the teeming cities or wilderness communities of everyday America, over the talking points of  “still soaring bonuses and little change in banking practices”?  Good Lord, these ‘ministers’ don’t even care or think much about the poor and the hungry and the unbaptized anymore.  Archbishop of Canterbury?   More like the Archbishop of Envy, it seems to us.

Yes, there are sins. And then there are also other sins.  Some may be mortal, some may not.  Some may be high on some people’s list, some lower on others. We don’t know if selective sinning, or selective quoting of Jesus propel one toward sainthood or immortality,  but isn’t it quite ironic to see, among others, the sin of  envy actively promoted by men ‘of the cloth’?




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  1. Prelates commenting on business bonuses and banking practices? What next, sharia? It isn’t ‘money is the root of all evil’; it is: THE LOVE OF money is the root of all evil. It seems you envy what you love but do not possess.

  1. Prelates commenting on business bonuses and banking practices? What next, sharia? It isn’t ‘money is the root of all evil’; it is: THE LOVE OF money is the root of all evil. It seems you envy what you love but do not possess.

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