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What Does The Phoenix AFSCME Local 2960 Have To Hide?

Apparently quite a lot, based upon the reaction they had to an employee who wanted to do one simple thing, check the books of a taxpayer-funded insurance account it managed. When Natasha Nimer asked to do so, she was told no, it was what the union leadership did after that which brings up the question What Do They Have To Hide?

Oh, she was doing something wrong, alright. She was asking questions about how the massive insurance scheme was being administered and whether she should be seeing if everything was being run in a proper and efficient manner. The result was a series of attacks where her own union tried on multiple occasions to force her from her position as a trustee and even launched an investigation to see if they could force her from her regular, full time job. After the better part of a year she finally gave up and resigned from her position as trustee, saying she felt “beaten down” by the constant pressure and attacks.

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about funds representing dues paid by (mostly) willing members of a private labor union. These are taxpayer dollars. They have people such as Ms. Nimer in place not simply for internal housekeeping, but also to supposedly ensure that taxpayer dollars aren’t being wasted or worse. Apparently that’s all well and good… unless someone actually attempts to do their job.

I earlier wrote a post about getting ballot initiatives in every State in the Union to remove the criminality that lies in the very concept of unions whose employers are We The People. It should never have been done in the first place and the thuggishness with which unions have ruled in our States along with their Democrat counterparts who have worked in unison against us should no longer stand. It is only in the past decade that it has become obvious the criminal aspects of the circlefest between unions and Democrats. It is not healthy for a Republic to allow politicians to pick the pockets of fellow Americans for a group that 99% gives back those stolen dollars to the politicians who give it to them. The only losers in this arrangement are We The People and it is time to take back our Country from these thugs.

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