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RINO Much, Linda? Part Two


Part One opined on the closet racialism and perfidy to conservative ideals, not to mention the asininity of the argumentation, held by a woman supposedly on our side of the ideological fence. All the airtime and column space wasted on the likes of Linda Chavez over the years begins to look like some sort of a reason  why no matter how many elections Republicans win, the long slog to Socialism never reverses, the rate of increase just abates somewhat.  What part of bleeding heart liberalism is it that some who purport to hold traditional values can’t seem to hold in abeyance until Utopia, or Heaven, arrives?

We had not planned on there being a Part Two to this rant, but Linda upped the ante by coming back fresh on the heels of her poor performance the other day with a little ditty today on Herman Cain.  You can read the entire  Kathleen Parkeresque,  college freshman/beauty pageant contestant gibberish here.  But the most egregious part is where she takes the Politico playbook and runs with it:

According to people who worked at the National Restaurant Association when Cain
headed the trade association, Cain liked to socialize with younger employees. He
sometimes made crude remarks and suggestions to female staff and may have
invited women to go home with him. At the time, Cain, who has been married for
decades, was living in Washington while his wife remained in Atlanta.

Yep,  according to people, Herman did things. Gee, Linda, according to people, who may have worked at the Restaurant association, or perhaps at the Center for Equal Opportunity, you’re a freaking idiot.  Any comment, Linda?
On second thought, that’s not the most egregious part of the Linda Chavez Rave Review of the Herman Cain affair. The most egregious parts of Kathleen’s  Linda’s back-door trashing of genuine conservative politicians are these:

I once defended Bill Clinton against Paula Jones’ charges of sexual harassment
by describing the then-governor’s behavior as “gross and disgusting” but short
of sexual harassment.

Get that?  Linda has not a clue as to what actually happened in the Cain affair, but she feels comfortable enough to write things about it and she also feels comfortable enough to write about Bill Clinton’s “gross and disgusting behavior” and tell us how she defended him.  Cain’s guilty of at least poor judgement and unfit for the Presidency, but that Bill Clinton, ooh lala!

And finally, the coup de grace, where Linda, after demanding that Herman fess up,  absolutely and with finality and conviction throws it in the face of conservatives who, once upon a time, had so much faith and high hopes for a woman, and a minority woman at that, to rise above the politically correct, feel good politics and be a shining star in the traditional American movement:


“There’s no better story in American politics than a sinner who’s found
redemption. Just ask Bill Clinton.”

To borrow a phrase from Nancy Pelosi – Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?

Kathleen Parker, of course, made her RINO self so odious to readers that she was forced to move on to the Washington Post and, famously, to CNN for the golden opportunity to work with Eliot Spitzer.  We wish Linda Chavez only the best, and when Bubba finally gets his weekly show on NBC, if she wants to audition as his sidekick, we have only these few words of advice:  To make a good impression, hike that skirt up a little bit there ……darlin’.



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