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“I Didn’t Know There Were So Many Women Named Anonymous”

There aren’t unless you are the first black conservative to be leading in the polls for Republican President. Herman Cain said, if his campaign chased those original charges he would spend all of his time chasing charges, people scoffed, no Herman, just answer those. He did and guess what? 5 days later and everybody and his brother has now thought to make scurrilous charges. There was even a “conservative” site today that thought they would be the next big thing in journolism, well more anonymous but “conservative” accuser’s, like that makes the anonymous sources more credible, because PJM says they are conservative. Well from this conservative to PJM you have disgraced yourself and you had better put your money where your “conservative” mouth is and put out the FACTS and stop with the innuendo, because you are now a part of the problem.

To say that my head and stomach hurt all day with these charges is to pretend it was not as explosive as it was. I am ashamed of the supposed “conservative” side of the internet because I never believed anything the media wing of the Democrat Party ever said, we now have people so invested in braking the next big story against Herman Cain, that they had to come back and change their story THREE times. I am curious, where does Herman Cain go to get back his dignity? why does what he say have to be disbelieved but everything everyone else says is the “truth”. I will fight for Herman Cain as long as he fight for my conservative ideals, there is no one else in this campaign, who has the character and plan to put this Country back on as the REPUBLIC is was meant to be. His 999 knocks out 72K pages of hidden taxes, and crony capitalism taxes, that keep a majority of Americans not paying taxes. There are rich like Immelt and GE and Obama’s Solyndra friend George Kaiser who do not pay taxes because of the built in “friends with benefits” taxes and then there are the 47% of Americans who pay NO INCOME TAXES, yes they pay FICA, we all pay FICA but every American should have skin in the game, whether it a couple of hundred a year or 100M a year, everyone should pay, including illegals and the 9% sales tax makes sure that everyone pays.

So, bottom line, Herman Cain has said over and over he did nothing wrong and I believe him. I do not buy and never will anonymous sources who get to sit back and destroy a person without having to answer the same media criticism their victim is getting. Go Herman!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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