Wheeee!!! …… The People? What People?


If you thought bypassing the people’s representatives to bring international socialism and one-world government  to the American people was solely the province and duty of Barack Obama, what part of bringing international socialism and one-world government to the American people do you not understand?  It not only takes the President of the United States, his cabinet, his czars, his advisors and the puppetmasters with access to his Blackberry, it takes people out here in America committed to the cause just as much as Barack.

Take Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, for example.  Now you could say, well, it’s Maryland after all and O’Malley’s a Democrat, and the State Education gurus have shown the way by requiring high school graduates to be proficient in environmental activism.  But still,  a  deliberate strategy to bypass the Legislature and impose a tyrannical environmental regimen on Maryland’s citizens has a certain cheekiness to it, don’t you think?

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is threatening to ram through a sweeping  new land use plan that imposes an environmentalist agenda on the state’s  sprawling rural populations — a move that could spark a tax revolt and mass  exodus unless it is rewritten, county officials and state legislators told The  Daily Caller on Monday.

O’Malley has indicated that he intends to impose what some lawmakers are  calling a draconian new environmentalist agenda, known as “Plan Maryland,” through executive order and regulation, rather than through the state  legislature, even though his fellow Democrats dominate both chambers.



There are those of you out there who question Barack Obama’s leadership. Is it the style or the substance? You may not like the fact that Obama goes off to play golf a lot, or likes to vacation, shoot hoops and host expensive parties for his peeps. But for sheer iron-fisted, government-by-fiat example- setting, he’s the king of Central Planning. He’s got governors like Patrick Deval and Martin O’Malley and Jerry Brown issuing edicts in the best South American dictator style and the Socialist Progressive message of   less and freakier human beings, more vegetation with less upward mobility, and taxation without representation,  has been learned and mastered by these and other executive orderers at state and  local  levels all across the land.
At some point you people are just going to have to face up to the fact that we are a nation governed by men and not laws, and the sooner you get comfortable with that, the easier it will be for these men to govern you. Your choice.


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November 2, 2011 5:38 pm

Castro, Chavez, Morales,and Correio would be proud. Apparently O’Malley has been taken lessons from not only Obama but South American dictators.

November 3, 2011 2:39 pm

I beleive this is is what is referred to as Agenda 21? So many I speak with beleive me to be crazy when I bring it up.