Kent State professor shouts “death to Israel” at pro-Israeli speech


This one is going to be a little dicey folks. Because the Israeli who was the object of the “death to Israel” remark is actually a Muslim.

And I know this because I just happened to have interviewed Ishmael Khaldi, the target of the remark in the spring. Link to that article is here. What’s also interesting is the “hurler” of the remark is also: a Muslim. Julio Pino. A native Cuban who converted to Islam. According to Kent Wired:

This is not Pino’s first brush with controversy. In 2002 he wrote an opinion column for the Daily Kent Stater praising a suicide bomber. In 2007 he made national headlines when the The Drudge Report featured a story accusing him of contributing to a blog called Global War, which refers to itself as a “jihadist news service.”

Below is a video of Todd Starnes being interviewed on Fox News about the incident:

Kent State University had two statements according to Starnes. The first one being the remarks of Pino were “inappropriate but we live in a society where there is free speech.” Then after Jewish organizations became outraged and involved the university president issued a *full statement* denouncing the heckler.

This professor is still teaching, has not been disciplined and there is no guaranteed there will BE any discipline.

Let’s see what happens if a Conservative professor or student makes an anti-Islamic remark at a pro-Islam event.

FYI no mention of Khaldi’s Islamic religion, but in my interview with him I was told this was a unique opportunity to bridge gaps between the Muslims and Israelis. I have a daughter who went to Kent State. Albeit a state-subsidized university, one which is extremely liberal. I’m not surprised the professor’s remarks have gone undisciplined.

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November 2, 2011 11:48 pm

Let’s see – the trend these days is for the communists to form alliances with the Islamic jihadi’s, so we have a Cuban communist becoming an islamic jihadi and shouting stupid Islamic mongrel dog rhetoric like “Death to Israel”. What does that even mean? Death to a country? Does that mean the professor wants to kill all the epeople in that country? That he is a genocidal maniac? Yes, I think that’s what it means. Isn’t it wonderful that the Kent State alumni, benefactors, trustees, and the state legislature and governor, if it is publicly supported, and Janet Napolitano, who… Read more »