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It Is The Race Stupid; The Continuing Saga Of A High Tech Lynching

Politico is an arm of the Democrat Party, anyone who says otherwise is lying. Every thing they write and everything they say on MSNBC is pro Democrat and anti-Republican. There is no doubt that Barack Obama and his Marxist followers see a real issue with Herman Cain and that is his color. You say how is it possible that a half black man would be afraid to run against a full blown black man from America during the struggles of blacks in our shameful history (created by the KKK created Democrat Party). The left, including their minions at ABC, NBC, CBS, NY Times, Washington Post had counted on the only card left at their disposal this election season, the infamous race card. The Democrats used the race card against blacks prior to the Republicans passing the Civil Rights Act and they have used it against white ever since. Herman Cain is a self made man, graduate of Morehouse College, a man who rose to the top of his profession, no matter what that profession was without the benefit of the leftists approved and created affirmative action (which is reverse racism).

If Herman is the candidate, Obama and his Faculty Lounge Administration have nothing left to run against, because they certainly won’t be running ON their dismal record (though its what they wanted to do, they just don’t want you to know they wanted to destroy the capitalist system). Four Lily White Liberals Smear A Black Conservative

And so, with that greater good in mind, four lily white liberals (Jonathan Martin, Maggie Haberman, Anna Palmer and Kenneth Vogel) authored a hit piece on the prominent conservative businessman in a desperate attempt to smear him out of contention for the Republican presidential nomination. This gutter politics is proof positive of what I’ve held for a long time: if you want to catch a modern day glimpse of old school white-on-black racism, behold the way white liberals treat black conservatives.

The racial motivations in this particular story cannot be missed. This is, after all, the same political movement that scolded anyone who dared suggest that the serial infidelity and alleged sexual assaults committed by white liberal Bill Clinton were relevant to his pursuit of the presidency.

And this is the same political movement that was so disinterested in the adultery of white liberal John Edwards who fathered a child with a campaign worker while his wife was losing her fight with cancer, that the National Enquirer tabloid out-scooped them. And even as late as June of this year, while Edwards faced criminal indictment for his attempts to illegally cover-up the scandal, fellow white liberals like Chris Matthews continued to defend him, suggesting that his prosecution was, “one of those [politically motivated] things you read about in third world countries.”

And this is the same political movement that yawned at the sexual predilections and cell phone dalliances of white liberal Anthony Weiner, eagerly defending him from the “savagery” of conservative media types like Andrew Breitbart.

Yet this same movement that had to catapult itself over mountains of evidence in order to ignore the indiscretions of those white liberals enthusiastically skewered a black conservative based on the flimsy and unsubstantiated testimony of undisclosed sources. The case against Cain was so weak that after bringing the accusation, the lead author of the smear, white liberal Jonathan Martin, hilariously suggested on national television that it was Cain’s responsibility — not his — to explain the accusation. This embarrassing performance didn’t earn him skepticism and scorn from his fellow white liberals like Chris Matthews. Rather, Matthews congratulated him on breaking the story.

Martin’s colleague at the now forever tarnished website Politico, Mike Allen, only added to the pathetic transparency of this racial attack when he appeared on another MSNBC program, “Morning Joe.” Asked if Politico could cite any evidence beyond the allegation that Cain had made gestures “that were not overtly sexual but that made women uncomfortable,” Allen ecstatically announced that their story had, “48,000 mentions” on the social media rumor mill Twitter. The anatomy of a smear: the evidence is irrelevant…all that matters is that the accusation spreads.

I encourage you to go read the rest of what is a true anatomy of a leftwing attack against a conservative black man. When every conservative said this election would be the worst in our history, they meant the vitriol and the hate and the racism against conservatives would be historical and as Politico proved this week, it is going to get uglier before Americans say ENOUGH on election day 2012.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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