Strategies for Getting Out the Vote — Some Effective, Some Not So Much


I’ve been trying to advise several of the Republican presidential candidates that they need to ask their audiences to do more this election cycle than just vote — that they need to tell the people that each of them needs to do a little bit more. That they need to somehow get involved in Get Out The Vote (“GOTV”) activities this election cycle. Because, otherwise, many Americans may follow GOTV strategies that are just not effective or real.

Just crossing one’s fingers probably will not work.

Curling up into the fetal position and hoping someone else will do it probably will not work.

Just praying, without action on your part, probably will not work. Remember, God helps those who help themselves.

Just typing away all day on the internet in chat rooms and blogs to the conservative echo chamber also probably, without more, is not going to get more people to vote for your candidates.

Making monetary donations can certainly help campaigns to hire more paid phone callers and door bell ringers, but that, too, alone, will not be enough to get more conservatives to the polls where you live.

What we really need is each one of us to become GOTV “machines” where we live, and it is not hard to do. Take a few minutes and browse around The Concord Project web site. Watch the GOTV tutorial videos. Consider attending your local Republican Party committee meeting. Go to ThePrecinctProject and American Majority Action’s Precinct Project web sites to learn more about how to find your committee.

Find candidates for whom you can make GOTV phone calls. Contact your local candidates’ campaign managers and ask how they would like you to be involved. Maybe your local candidates either will win handily or simply can’t win. With the internet, you can easily make GOTV phone calls for candidates around the country who need help and have a shot at winning. Please find them. Then, please, volunteer.

If we all do a little we can maximize the number of people who will do this for our candidates — actually vote:

Thank you.

For Liberty,

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Cold Warrior
Just a citizen who believes each conservative American's top priority should be active engagement as a precinct committeeman in the political Party our Founders and Framers would be members of if they were alive now: The Republican Party. I am an American first, a conservative second and a Republican precinct committeeman by necessity to secure the Blessings of Liberty to myself and my posterity.

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November 1, 2011 9:26 pm

Awesome CW! I love your “Man From UNCLE” logo!

November 1, 2011 9:54 pm

Tell ’em CW!
Listen folks, I’ve followed ColdWarriors’ advice an became a Committee Member of my local GOP and I can tell you it ain’t hard and it don’t take much time.
And if you *don’t* get involved you may find later that you have deep regrets that you did so little to same your Country when it was treatened from enemies within.