Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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RINO Much, Linda?


…….or just caught up in the whole La Raza Rave?  We read Linda’s gibberish at Townhall yesterday and came away “What in the hell was G.W. Bush thinking when he nominated this woman to be Secretary of Labor?”  Not merely because of the racialism that so becomes the likes of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or Geraldo Rivera, but because of the wanton disregard for logical thought and   such things as………..national and state sovereignty……economics……..common sense.

Instead of trying to outdo one another on who can be the most anti-illegal-immigrant candidate, the GOP presidential contenders ought to just drop the issue. Mitt Romney looks ridiculous when he attacks Rick Perry for supporting in-state tuition for illegal immigrants who came as children and have lived most, if not all, of their lives in Texas (and therefore paid the same sales and real estate taxes that finance higher education in the state as other Texans).

Perry looks even sillier when he accuses Romney of “hiring” illegal immigrants when he used a landscaping service that had illegal aliens in its employ. He who has never eaten a tomato or leaf of lettuce picked by an illegal immigrant; who has never worked in an office cleaned by one; who has never slept in a hotel or been served in a restaurant with illegal immigrants on the payroll — he may cast the first stone.

Why, yes, Linda! Let’s just drop this whole silly illegal immigrant thing!   And of course, since we all sin, let’s just keep on sinning and forgeddaboudit.  But Linda, while we’re dropping it, we couldn’t help but notice that the title of your piece contains the phrase “anti-immigrant”, referring to a supposed GOP plank. Sounds suspiciously like a Democrat-LaRaza false characterization if we ever heard one.

But the most ridiculous, inane bit of pap we’ve heard in a while comes in this tidbit:

One of the great ironies of the border fence is that it keeps many illegal immigrants who might otherwise return to their home countries to wait out the economic downturn from doing so, because it would be harder to return than it was in the past.

Did you get that folks? Putting up a fence is stupid, because if they didn’t put up a fence, ILLEGALS would go home………and come back later!  They would just wait out the economic downturn and come back to suck off the USA , and rob and rape and kill in happier times!  Doesn’t that make perfect sense?

Really folks, with solid, respected, clear-thinking and patriotic friends like Linda on our side, why do we need Hilda Solis  to beat up on?



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