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Perhaps They Need the Help

One hopes it pays more than 5 figures. Politico does have a reputation to maintain, after all. The media has lost most if not all its credibility thanks to their lack of vetting of a previous presidential candidate who now sits in the White House, while currently displaying stories such as: The Importance of Being Vetted when that word ‘vetted’ was once anathema to the self same news group. The company has got to be hurting financially. They must pay their employees less than 5 figures if a common theme in the private sector is making gnats go away with 5 figures rather than an expensive public trial when there is no there, there. That’s equivalent to Daddy giving his kid money for the ice cream truck so he’ll be quiet until the football game is over, even though Mommy said no sweets until after dinner.

Politico tried to make the Alps out of a molehill. Rather than admit it, they’ve gone all in with the story. Their front page is literally Cainucopia today.  I love the one about the Restaurant Group nixing a Cain endorsement. How does anyone know the group was earnestly considering it in the first place? Answer: We don’t.

They could do a whole lot worse than Cain when it comes to turning around a business since Herman Cain has a reputation of doing such things. Perhaps that’s why they ran with the nonstory. They can’t hire him if he’s president, can they? Maybe they can hire Romney, instead, after the elections are over. Not quite as good as Cain but has to be better than what they’ve employed so far if 5 figures is a big deal to them.


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