“Make way for the one percent!” $50m Michael Moore waddles away, refuses to answer questions about HIS riches


Mind you, I don’t begrudge anybody making or having $50 million dollars, but when the person happens to be a hypocrite who advocates stealing the wealth of others while maintaining a death grip on his own greenbacks as Michael Moore is doing, it’s no wonder he’d prefer not to answer questions and/or outright lie;

The other day on Piers Morgan’s show, Moore showed the world;

Moore is clearly a conflicted man. He hates capitalism even though he’s (over) eaten from the fruits of its tree. He’s made tens of millions of dollars on a system he considers irredeemably corrupt. And in the interview he tries, with comic ineptness, to portray himself as virtuous.

h/t Keith

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Erick Brockway
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November 2, 2011 8:29 pm

Sarandon and Moore had to hide their limos in Manhattan at this hypocritical event. I also read yesterday that Heidi Klum became a US citizen so she could *vote for Obama.* There goes any respect I had for her.