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The Seriousness of the Charge

From Jeffrey Lord:

Women who won a “settlement” for the charges, which are said to be centering on “inappropriate behavior” by Mr. Cain during his tenure as the head of the National Restaurant Association.

That’s all there appears to be.

But shall we recall another time?

When a sitting President of the United States, a white liberal, was accused by multiple women of not only sexual harassment… but rape?

And oh, don’t we remember in the end the painful admissions about the Lewinsky affair, the prayerful support, the rehabilitation, the counseling, and the absolution and the vicious lashing out at those on the “other side of the aisle” who dared to question the character and fitness of the President?

And now, all these years later, as Lord points out, we have this……contrition?, regret? prayerful reflection?…..celebration?

And now everybody just has a big ole laugh about it all at said ex-president’s 65th birthday when Lady Gaga shakes her booty at Bill and everybody roars?





From Juanita Broaddrick:




SUNDAY OCT 15, 2000

As I watched Rick Lazio’s interview on Fox News
this morning, I felt compelled to
write this open letter to you, Mrs.
Clinton. Brit Hume asked Mr. Lazio’s views
regarding you as a person and how
he perceived you as a candidate. Rick Lazio did
not answer the question, but
I know that I can. You know it, too.

I have no doubt that you are the
same conniving, self-serving person you were
twenty-two years ago when I had
the misfortune to meet you. When I see you on
television, campaigning for the New York senate race, I can see the same hypocrisy
in your face that you
displayed to me one evening in 1978. You have not changed.

I remember it
as though it was yesterday. I only wish that it were yesterday and
there would still be time to do something about what your husband,
Clinton, did to me. There was a political rally for Mr. Clinton’s bid
for governor of
Arkansas. I had obligated myself to be at this rally prior to
my being assaulted by
your husband in April, 1978. I had made up my mind to
make an appearance and then
leave as soon as the two of you arrived. This was
a big mistake, but I was still in a
state of shock and denial. You had
questioned the gentleman who drove you and Mr.
Clinton from the airport. You
asked him about me and if I would be at the gathering.
Do you remember? You
told the driver, “Bill has talked so much about Juanita”, and
that you were
so anxious to meet me. Well, you wasted no time. As soon as you
entered the
room, you came directly to me and grabbed my hand. Do you remember
how you
thanked me, saying “we want to thank you for everything that you do
Bill”. At that point, I was pretty shaken and started to walk off.
Remember how you
kept a tight grip on my hand and drew closer to me? You
repeated your statement,
but this time with a coldness and look that I have
seen many times on television in the
last eight years. You said, “Everything
you do for Bill”. You then released your grip
and I said nothing and left the

What did you mean, Hillary? Were you referring to my keeping
quiet about the assault
I had suffered at the hands of your husband only two
weeks before? Were you
warning me to continue to keep quiet? We both know the
answer to that question.
Yes, I can answer Brit Hume’s question. You are the
same Hillary that you were
twenty years ago. You are cold, calculating and
self-serving. You cannot tolerate the
thought that you will soon be without
the power you have wielded for the last eight
years. Your effort to stay in
power will be at the expense of the state of New York. I
only hope the voters
of New York will wake up in time and realize that Hillary Clinton
is not an
honorable or an honest person.

I will end by asking if you believe the
statements I made on NBC Dateline when Lisa
Myers asked if I had been
assaulted and raped by your husband? Or perhaps, you
are like Vice-President
Gore and did not see the interview.

Juanita Broaddrick


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