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B. Hussein Obama told us a couple of weeks ago that the troops will be home for Christmas, meaning the troops in Iraq.  Everybody who is anybody, from politicians with half a brain to ex-military types to people who have been following the GWOT says this is a big mistake.  Well, don’t fret.  Guess where the troops are going after the Christmas break?  Kuwait.

So for those of you who worried that oil supplies would be cut off, or Iran would spread it’s tentacles over the MidEast, or Pakistan’s shadow government would feel free to seize the nukes and pre-empt India, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.  There is going to be a force buildup in the Persian Gulf.  Just how much of a force buildup is a little unclear to us, despite the reassurances given in the NYT article, but we do know that last year the Pentagon and the administration announced they were reducing active duty military by 46,000 and just the other day word came out that the Marines would be reduced in number to no more than 150,000.  Did we mention that, because there will not be a deficit reduction deal coming out of the Supercommittee, our Republican leadership in Congress last summer passed legislation saying that there would be no other option but to slash the Defense budget to the bare bones?  We have no idea what the troops in Kuwait will eat, but we hope the Kuwaitis will feed them.

This is a map of the Middle East:



Do you see the little dot at the center of the map, right at the top of the Persian Gulf?  That’s Kuwait.  That’s where our forces will be.  When we leave Iraq in December, and when we leave Afghanistan in about a year, do you see any place within a thousand miles surrounding that little dot where we will have any friends?  Yes, we have rented a few docks in Bahrain and Qatar for some guided missile cruisers to dock, but when the Iranis block the Strait of Hormuz, things could get a little dicey.

We do have a couple of friends in the region.  Thank goodness Sarah Palin had the good sense to visit Israel and India last year and reassure them that when the new US Government is installed, the prospects for returning stability to the region will be somewhat brighter.   At least we hope that was her message.  We also understand that Governor Perry and ex-Godfather’s CEO Herman Cain have been in touch with our allies over there to establish good will and reassurance.  What is it about Governors and private citizens doing the work the Administration and the State Department won’t do?  These forward-thinking individuals deserve our support and gratitude.  In the meantime, if you think the government of Kuwait doesn’t know more about map-reading than some of our gifted and talented defense planners, you may be right and you may be wrong.  We’ll just have to see how much attention the Kuwaitis want to bring on themselves as the forces of Islamofascism fester and grow and boil and broil all around that little dot in the center of the map.  The next fifteen months could be rather nerve-wracking.







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October 30, 2011 8:26 pm

That idget has to be using a dart board in making choices on what do I do next… or he’s playing eenie meenie minie moe on his feet.

October 31, 2011 4:32 pm

Well said Bob! They’re slavering to slash defense but where is the plan to pull our forces out of Europe? Germany doesn’t need our defense any longer, they can pay for their own, what little they need without the Soviets poised across the Fulda Gap. Lets really save some money and bring our troops home from places they don’t need to be before we waste all the lives we sacrificed making Iraq the lone star of democracy in the Caliphate.