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Mother Nature Occupies Wall Street

A legendary nor’easter is striking New York and the Occupy Wall Street crowd as you read this. Apparently they are already suffering from trench foot. I’ve been there, done that, I learned. Change your socks, take care of your feet, you have to walk on them. One or two of the #OWS crowd will learn, I’m afraid the majority of them won’t.

Such simple things, the laws of nature, the ability to learn from your life experiences, are at the root of the GOP nomination process we are going through now. We can pick a Mitt or a Newt or even a Huntsman who will slow down the liberals “Thelma and Louise” careening toward the cliff to a stately pace. But they will not change the course. Under the establishment GOP’s direction we will go over the cliff at a sedate and safe speed of 30 mph, opposed to the liberals Talladega Motor Speedway pace of 187 mph. Big f’ing deal. We still go over the cliff. It’s not going over the cliff that kills you, it’s the sudden stop at the end and the laws of nature insist we will, regardless of our initial velocity, attain terminal velocity during the fall. That cannot be changed.

Human nature cannot be changed either. Marx’s utopia is unachievable; human nature decrees that, not me. Those who seek his utopia cannot live, that’s Mother Nature. Even parents get tired of taking care of their children, that’s why birds push their babies out of the nest. Fly or die, biatch. We can interfere with the laws of nature but then other, lesser known but equally brutally enforced laws of nature kick in. We can surrender all our wealth to support these misfits, malcontents and ne’er-do-wells, simultaneously allowing our own well-being to slip into the realm of Nature’s law enforcement officers as we are caught without enough to keep ourselves safe from Mother Nature’s Laws. Or we can allow the laws of nature to collect them when their time is due. It’s no skin off my ass if they freeze to death in their shit encrusted little tents. Nor is it my fault. It’s just Gaia taking what rightfully belongs to her. Don’t they worship Gaia anyway? Is it wrong to laugh as she collects her own?

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Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of slugs!

Lady Penguin

Finally, they should reap what they’ve sown. Little do they know that the Pied Piper must be paid.


Marxist Getting mugged by reality is such a wonderful sight. Unfortunately so many have been mugged with the crumbs in dependency they receive from the feds that they are incapable of learning anything.


The “compassion” is not yours to worry about, nessa. Whatever discomfiture falls on them is not only their fault, it’s Bloomberg’s. He’s going to be the big, kind-hearted, understanding uber liberal, let-them-express themselves daddy, when they should have been gone weeks ago. Constitutional conservatives understand that the First Amendment allows one to speak, but not to be provided the forum to do so on the taxpayer’s dime.


It’s looking like a cold day in the hell they created. /snicker/


These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer slacker and the sunshine socialist will, in the bitter cold, shrink from the service of commune; but he that stands by it now, will find nature suffers no fools.


Mother Nature always extracts a price from misguided fair weather idiots.

I’m of a mind that their parents will find either a contrite child who will suck it up and get their act straightened out or an even more petty-blame-placing-tantrum-throwing-it’s-not-fair-brat slothing it out in the basement.