Bat-crazy college kids meet with EPA’s Jackson to *dump coal*


Every once in a while you get lucky. Right place, right time. I just happened to see a tweet fly by from @laborunionrpt with “coal + Lisa Jackson + college kids” in it. Well you can imagine how my eyes & ears immediately perked up because as we all know this combo can’t be good.

Miss Lisa just happened to meet with a bunch of college kids in DC to hear their progress of *dumping coal* as an energy source from their schools. Here is what Jackson said:

“It’s so important that your voices are heard, that campuses that are supposed to be teaching people aren’t meanwhile polluting the surrounding community with mercury and costing the children a few IQ points [emphasis mine] because of the need to generate power. It’s simply not fair,” Jackson said.

Unbelievable. Yea Lisa. Nothing on your EPA BLOG about this, so I guess you thought you could keep this little tidbit hidden. But ain’t it ironic that these kids are from some of the biggest coal producing states in the nation: Kentucky and Indiana. One student from Indiana, Lauren Kastner whined:

“In Indiana we get more than 90 percent of our electricity from coal. This means that fish in our lakes and streams are polluted with mercury and other pollutants from coal ash and combustion,” Kastner said.

Yep. We have heard about the poor fish, the salamanders, the mayflies. None of which have been proven to be at risk from coal. How about people, Lauren? You gonna fend through those long, hard winters in Indiana without the electricity and heat given to you by coal?

And here is a quote from another *concerned* college kid:

Mary Anne Hitt of the Sierra Club said the students were learning how the energy systems on their campuses worked, talking to school leaders and learning how to organize. There are about 60 schools with central coal-fired heating and cooling plants, and so far 17 of them have agreed to phase out coal, she said.

Mary Ann wrote an article for Kos and she calls herself and all her activist friends “youth clean energy leaders.”

These kids are part of the “Beyond Coal” campaign I wrote about several months ago. Mike Bloomberg gave the Sierra Club a donation of $50 MILLION to *dump coal.* Not just future coal plants, but present ones. These kiddies even have a little “club” called the Sierra Student Coalition. Here’s a nice little vid they’ve come up with:

Lauren and Mary Ann: We do have a *concern* here which you haven’t addressed. A poor endangered bat just happened to fly into a windmill in Pennsylvania last week at night causing them all to be shut down until at least November 15 when they migrate. So no coal, no wind. No *green energy.*

Hope you all freeze your tuckases off. Cuz according to the Institute for Energy Research a ton of coal-fired plants are gonna be closing thanks to EPA regs and campaigns like yours.

Cuddle up. Just remember those electric blankets run on electricity, which is most probably produced by, you guessed it.

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October 29, 2011 11:15 am

Let them close down the plants that power the universities they waste their time in while they become less than useful idiots. And when their tuition fees rise even more to levels unsustainable due to having to find other sources of more expensive energy, then I shall relish their whining even more. And I shall laugh richly at what they have managed to do to themselves. Same goes for Bloomberg– let’s see how satisfied his citizens are in New York to have blackouts in wintertime and rolling blackouts or brownouts during a stifling summertime. May all his garbage ferment into… Read more »

October 29, 2011 12:33 pm

Thank you LIO. Know you have many irons in the fire, so appreciate your doing the reporting the Toledo Blade won’t do, nor any other so-called “news organization”. In todays world, I would be ashamed to be carrying press credentials. They are as worthless as Pulitzers and Nobels. Now to what Lisa is doing – the last I heard, the Republicans had a clear majority, 240 or so, giving them all the committee majorities and chairmanships.Plus they all have staffs, presumably who keep up on current events to help the boss. When Lisa Jackson goes in public and makes statements… Read more »

civil truth
October 29, 2011 12:49 pm

We know the rest of the script. It happened in Italy, Germany back in the 30s – and it’s been happening in Venezuela and every other country when the leftists takek charge. When we start having energy shortages and poor people start dying in their homes because they can’t afford to pay the higher energy prices, the leftists will immediately blame the energy companies for conspiring to push energy prices higher (“profits before people and all that”) and set in motion plans to confiscate oil company revenues. This 1% movement is just warm-up for the full scapegoat/intimidate industry to bring… Read more »

October 29, 2011 4:40 pm

I’ve got an idea.

Fuel the college power plants with students.