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The Green Casino: Gambling With Our Children’s Future

Saw that headline (The Green Casino) as part of a write up on the taxpayer loans that Barack and his Faculty Lounge Administration have been giving away and knew it was the correct way to talk about this criminal activity. What Obama has done is give hundreds of billions of hardworking American taxpayer dollars to the extremely rich, who didn’t need it for their projects, if what they were building was selling, it isn’t because the whole scam of global warming (climate change) has been an unmitigated success for those who got in on the ground floor of the scheme. There isn’t a mob boss, a Bernie Madoff or a Charles Ponzi who wouldn’t sit in awe of Al Gore and his ability to get whole nations paying his and his Democrat cronies carbon credit dollars for their “sin” of living like a human being. What Al and every damn leftists around the world has done is enrich themselves while killing off not only lives, think the fish in California whereby farmers cannot farm, but livelihoods around the world.

The Chinese who have never bought into the scam but have used it to enrich themselves at the idiots (We The People) expense, sit around and mock us, hell just ask Donald Trump. Nonetheless, I digress, the criminal activity that is now at the forefront for all Americans to see is just how high the loan amount goes will get to based on your ability to bundle large donors and dollars for Barack Hussein Obama. When he took office I knew he would bring Chicago to DC but I didn’t realize how much it would cost us and our children and grandchildren, and that is trillions for generations to come

For two years, the Obama administration has been in the Green Casino betting taxpayer billions on its millionaire pals’ pie-in-the-sky schemes. From Al Gore’s Fisker to Jeffrey Immelt’s GE to George Kaiser’s Solyndra to Russian Alexei Mordashov’s Severstal, Obama has used the public piggy bank to finance “the fun stuff,” as Veep Biden put it to Time magazine.

The Democratic party is lobbying its MSM allies that Solyndra’s bankruptcy is nothing to be concerned about because Obama’s “investments” in new green industries are necessarily risky.

But as Romney knows, running a gambling casino for multi-millionaires is not what taxpayers signed up for.

“The U.S. government shouldn’t be playing venture capitalist. It’s not merely that government bureaucrats are bad at picking winners. The very process invites cronyism and outright corruption,” Romney wrote in an Orange County Register op-ed. Sure enough, major Democratic donor Elon Musk received $465 million for Tesla Motors. Another $529 million loan went to Fisker Automotive where the Goracle himself is invested.

Quid pro quo or no, the sums the Obama administration’s players are wagering are breathtaking. Their swagger is personified by Energy Department Master of the Universe and press spokesman Dan Leistikow who claims prescience in picking market winners.

We do not have a media to keep the Democrats in control, we only have the internet and the time the Republican candidates have during the debates to bring this criminal activity to the masses. If the next debate does not have a showing of all candidates going after Barack on all of his criminal activity with our tax dollars, they are fools. To hell with beating up each other, how about fighting for We The People?

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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