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RINO on RINO Violence, Where’s the Popcorn?

Jon “Global Warming Science is settled” Huntsman calls “The Flipper” out as a “perfectly lubricated weather vane.”

I guess it’s true, every now and then even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

“You can’t be a perfectly lubricated weather vane on the important issues of the day,” Huntsman said. “Romney has been missing in action in terms of showing any kind of leadership.”
“I do believe that the electorate this go around will be looking for clearly defined presidential leadership and I’m not sure we’re seeing that,” Huntsman added.
The former U.S. ambassador to China who has received single digit support in national and state-wide polls also suggested Cain’s rise in recent polling is temporary.
“Oftentimes you can spike for the moment, you’re the flavor of the week or the flavor of the month,” Huntsman said. “I remember when Gov. Perry was at 20% in New Hampshire. He came with great fanfare, now he’s in the low single digits.”
“We’re just trying a steady, gradual, substantive rise in New Hampshire based upon real support,” Huntsman said.

Maybe you should go beg Obama for your job back Jon, you know, try to lay a little aside before 2012 when you’re permanently unemployable. And take your flip-flopping RINO brother with you.

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I love it that finally Rick Perry is not the only candidate taking on the Mittster. When he was in the center seat of Fox Special Report Huntsman said that unlike Mitt he has always been pro life and stood firmly for the 2nd amendment. Huntsman also said this about the Mittster

Through his record, his proposal, and his comments today Governor Romney has made it abundantly clear that he opposes meaningful tax reform. Governor Romney only wants to nibble around the edges of a broken system.